Bumper harvest as herring return to Strait of Georgia in great numbers

The commercial roe-herring fishery opened with a flourish over the weekend as the gillnet fleet took its share of what the federal government predicts to be “near-historic” returns to the Strait of Georgia. The height of the action took place just north of Parksville, where gillnetters unfurled their nets in choppy seas and high winds along the east coast of Vancouver Island. Curious onlookers lined the shoreline, some with cameras and others with sport-fishing rods. Gulls and sea lions patrolled for their own catch. Milt — the seminal fluid — released by the male herring gave the cobalt ocean waters an exotic milky-turquoise colour. “It’s like a big orgy in a hot tub,” offered Brad McLean, owner of French Creek Seafood, watching from his second-floor office window. “It’s pretty, if you don’t think of what it is.” continue reading the story here 20:18

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