Push to investigate land-based salmon farming option for expanding Tasmanian industry

Tasmania’s Shooters and Fishers Party is pushing for land-based salmon farming, saying the move would silence the industry’s critics. The party believes with the industry’s projected dramatic expansion, and a growing groundswell of concern from the fishing community, it was time to consider options other than ocean pens. Vice-chairman Ken Orr said land-based salmon farming was being introduced around the world, including in the United States, Denmark, and on the Chinese-Mongolian border. He said the practice would eliminate uncertainty and many of the ocean open-cage controversies plaguing the industry in Tasmania. “You don’t have the issues with anyone saying that you’re trashing the environment,” Mr Orr said. “You don’t have the seal issues, you don’t have the sea lice and freshwater bathing, you don’t have the issues with escaped salmon.” Read the article here 17:24

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