Hurricane Laura: A Paramedic’s diary – Kelly Grayson recounts weathering the storm

0700, August 26: Shift start. My partner and I do a rig check, and immediately leave to purchase ice for our coolers. We’ll be without power and communications by the time this shift is over.,,1600, August 27:“Does this place have a public restroom?” a man asks. I’m supposed to tell him no, but something about him speaks of a man at the end of his rope. He is dressed in overalls with no shirt, and white rubber boots. I point silently to the men’s room, and after he relieves himself, he stands in the hallway like a man lost. “How’s Cameron?” I guess, and he answers with a sigh of despair. “Under water. My house is gone. I got out with my wife, my kids and my dog. I don’t even know where we are.” We tell him, and my partner says, “You got what’s important. Everything else is just stuff. You can rebuild.” “Don’t know how,” the man sobs. “The shrimp boat I worked on sank at the dock. I don’t even have a job.” >click to read< 09:46

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