Alright. This 2048 crap is out of control! You gotta read this. (shaking head) – Want to Save Starving Sea Lion Pups? Here’s How

Want to Save Starving Sea Lion Pups? Here’s How– Megan Pincus Kajitani. Tears streamed down my 7-year-old daughter’s face this cloudy, March morning, as we watched the plight of a lone female California sea lion pup, clearly exhausted, struggling to keep her head above water and get herself to our local beach’s jetty. blah blah blah, tears running down my face, and then, Many marine scientists believe that, at the rate we’re going, the seas will be barren by 2048.  (Did you get that? No sea life in 35 years!) Read this ! See this article – No fish Left in the Ocean by 2048!!! – Media hype gets you more citations? Well, it did for this fisheries paper. By Dr Bik

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