Rockport seafood business bouncing back after Harvey

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, about 40 percent of small businesses never open their doors to customers again after a disaster. Alby Godinich, owner of Alby’s Seafood, is determined that won’t happen to his historic Rockport-Fulton business that has been open since 1983. “We have lost a lot of money, I can tell you this. But hey, we are going to come back, we will come back,” said Godinich. Godinich lost thousands and thousands of dollars of retail inventory and most of his equipment was damaged during the storm. “We just reopened here a while back. We were shut down for five or six weeks. It will probably be a month or two to make up for what we have lost and everything, you know,” said Godinich. click here to read the story 13:58

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