Cape Cod Is In CRISIS!

Because of our menacing great white shark and the seal overpopulation dilemma, Cape Cod is in the middle of an ecological, public safety, and economic crisis. The exploding seal population is a consequence of the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA). This legislation caused the rapidly growing seal overpopulation, and their attraction of great white sharks which feed upon them, and ferociously attack humans. We once had a thriving fishing industry, kept healthy in part by a bounty system of predator control. That ended in 1972 with the passage of the MMPA,,, >click to read<11:27

2 Responses to Cape Cod Is In CRISIS!

  1. Paul Katsiroubas says:

    Wow. Someone realizes it’s not the Great Whites. A bounty system would work. It might take a few years but it would work. Seals are a environmental and health Hazard. Would you eat clams our any bottom feeders that come from Chatham. Not me. I wonder y people say to me. But the clams r so sweet. ?????

  2. ann phelan says:

    This is nature. Please rely on experts in this field to learn about the reality, not an ill informed non expert. Contact this agency to learn the facts. The issue re: sharks is not just on Cape Cod

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