John Ashworth: Why most of the UK’s fish should be landed in the UK

When I watched the fishing debate televised from the House of Commons last Tuesday for the Second Reading of the Fisheries Bill, I was delighted to see many backbench MPs contributing and I was impressed by the level of knowledge shown, except the SNP Fisheries spokesperson who was out of her depth trying to defend the indefensible.,, You have to look back at the direction and progress over the last 30 or so years of campaigning to get out of the Common Fisheries Policy,, John Ashworth has worked all his life in the Fishing Industry, as a gear designer and manufacturer. He spent 20 years working on fishing vessels around the world, and promoted environmental issues, He led the Save Britain’s Fish campaign through the nineties and early twenties and is now part of Fishing for Leave. >click to read< 08:04

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