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Plymouth fisherman’s death was ‘an accident’ inquest finds

The death of a fisherman who drowned off the coast of Plymouth has been ruled as an accident. Tony Jones died in September 2017 after his trawler overturned while he was fishing near the Eddystone lighthouse. Mr Jones’ son Nick Jones and crew member Chris Wonnacott were found clinging to the upturned hull of the boat. Following an inquest, a jury returned a verdict of accidental death. >click to read<15:57

N.E. Fishery Management Council Hosts Offshore Wind Session; Discusses EBFM, Commercial eVTRs, and Research Set-Aside Program Review

Council Hosts Offshore Wind Special Session; The Council reaffirmed its commitment to stay engaged in tracking ongoing offshore wind developments and will continue to provide comments during appropriate opportunities along the way. All presentations and documents are available – Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management (EBFM), Commercial Electronic Vessel Trip Reporting (eVTR), ResearchSet-Aside (RSA) Program Review, lots of links! >Click to read the various details of these issues.<13:18

MV Northern Osprey III is equipped with most up-to-date, ‘green’ technology

Scott Nichols, president and CEO of MV Osprey Ltd., says when the company set out to build the Northern Osprey III in 2017, it went out of its way to make sure the systems on board were as environmentally friendly as possible. “Our main engine … it’s more environmentally friendly, as far as fuel consumption goes,” Nichols said. He said the ship is also able to recycle as much generated heat as possible, instead of letting it go up the stacks and out into the air. >click to read<12:46

Marshfield’s Ed Barrett named first fishing industry rep to Seaport Economic Council

During his first week in office, State Rep. Patrick Kearney filed joint legislation with State Sen. Patrick O’Connor to add representation from the fishing industry to the state’s Seaport Economic Council. Following revisions to the council’s charter last week, that goal is complete, with Marshfield resident and fisherman Ed Barrett named the first such representative to the council. “I want to thank Governor Baker and Lieutenant Governor Polito for listening to hardworking commercial fishermen.” Kearney said. >click to read<12:11

A Russian Spy Whale Defects?

The sighting of a beluga whale wearing a Russian-made harness has caused media speculation that the animal may have come from a Russian military facility. The whale was recently seen swimming alongside fishermen off the coast of Norway. “We were going to put out nets when we saw a whale swimming between the boats,” one of the fisherman, Joar Hesten, told Norwegian broadcaster NRK. “It came over to us, and as it approached, we saw that it had some sort of harness on it.” >click to read<11:30

Danish fishing communities fear Brexit could sink them

In the small fishing town of Thyboron on the northwestern coast of Denmark, many fishermen worry the British waters they have become increasingly dependent on will be out of reach when Britain leaves the European Union.,,, Since the 1970s, EU fishermen have had access to British waters under a deal, that many in Britain saw as unfair. Now some see Brexit as a chance to “take back control” of their waters and keep foreign vessels out. “This town could end up closing down because of Brexit,” says fisherman Michael Bork, 36, who has been fishing since the age of 10. 31 images>click to read<10:40

Weather delays lobster season opening for Nova Scotia, P.E.I. fishers

Setting day in lobster fishing areas 24 and 26A has been delayed with high winds being blamed for the postponement. “We’re fishermen, we expect things like this really. We’re weather dependent,” said Alan MacCarthy who is a lobster fishermen out of Caribou Wharf in Pictou County, and member of the Northumberland Fishermen’s Association.,,, “Environment Canada says that Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be good days but it’s giving wind again for tomorrow and again for Wednesday,” said Ronnie Heighton, vice-chair of the Gulf of Nova Scotia Planning Board. >click to read<09:34

Daunting task begins: Reducing lobster gear to save whales

The interstate Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission met Monday outside Washington to discuss the implementation of the new rules, which are designed to reduce serious injuries and deaths among whales by 60 percent.,,, The interstate Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission met Monday outside Washington to discuss the implementation of the new rules,,,, Colleen Coogan, who coordinates the federal government team designed to protect the whales, said during the meeting that cooperating with Canadian authorities is also going to be very important. “We’ve set a pretty high bar,” Coogan said. “They’re going to have to show that their measures provide similar protections to right whales.” >click to read<08:58

‘Desperately needed’: Congress OKs more than $29 million in disaster relief for fisheries

It’s taken four years but fishermen along the North Coast who have seen crab and salmon seasons truncated and even closed altogether will finally see some relief after $29.65 million in federal disaster relief funding was approved by Congress. It was in the 2015-16 year the Dungeness crab fishery and the Yurok Chinook salmon fishery both collapsed due to poor water quality. Despite $200 million in relief funding made available in 2018, the release of the money was delayed by the U.S. Department of Commerce and it took a letter from U.S. Rep. Jared Huffman and Rep. Jackie Speier to get the ball rolling again last year. >click to read<07:58