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Port of Ilwaco Boatyard abuzz: Skippers and crews get set for busy seasons

The boatyard has been even more abuzz than normal since arrival of a much-anticipated new 75-ton marine Travelift on Nov. 3.  “Boats are getting bigger and wider and we want to modernize our facility to meet their needs,” Glenn said. The colossal new machinery has already eased haul-outs, as more boats begin to arrive, eager to complete annual maintenance ahead of upcoming fishing seasons, starting with Dungeness crab, typically in December. The new marine lift was assembled over two days outside the boatyard before making its first official haul out with the F/V Branko Storm on Nov. 5.,,  >21 photos, click to read< 16:21

Number One? Bridlington could officially become the Lobster Capital of Europe

Moves are underway to officially promote Bridlington as the Lobster Capital of Europe. Academics believe the resort could attract thousands of new visitors by making the most of its unique lobster fishery. They say adopting marketing techniques used by similar American and Canadian fishing ports could put Bridlington on the global tourism map with more festivals and merchandising. And they want cafes and restaurants in the town to start putting lobster landed in Bridlington Harbour on the menu. For none of the 300 tonnes of shellfish currently landed there every year is actually available to eat locally. >click to read< 14:48

East Peoria businessman aims to take a bite out of Asian carp population in Illinois River

They worked all day on the Illinois River, tracking carp, casting nets and hauling the catch of the day into their 30-foot johnboats. By late afternoon, the fishermen had docked at different marinas located up and down the state’s arterial waterway, their boats heavy with thousands of pounds of dead and dying buffalo, bighead, silver and grass carp. Next, they trailered their boats behind heavy-duty pickup trucks and then drove one, two, three hours to a fish plant somewhere to sell their day’s work and to empty their loads so they could drive back home and prepare to fish another day. Usually, the next day.,,, >click to read< 11:51

Punitive New Rules Will Crush CA Dungeness Crab Fishing Families, Threaten Holiday Crab Traditions

This week, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) put into effect onerous new regulations that among other things, could delay or close the state’s iconic crab fishery if whales are present near the crab grounds and could economically devastate our coastal communities that rely on the fishing and seafood industry. Called the Risk Assessment Mitigation Program (RAMP), these punitive rules also include triggers for crab fishery closures that are more restrictive than even the strictest fishery laws in the nation, the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) and the Endangered Species Act (ESA). “Regulators seem to be more concerned about the optics in the media of the rare occurrence of an entangled whale than the fact that the populations of these marine mammals, which migrate off our coast, are skyrocketing, and may soon be eligible for removal from the Endangered Species List,” said Ben Platt, president of the California Coast Crab Association (CCCA). >click to read< 10:02

Coast Guard honors Oregon man with the Distinguished Public Service Award who saved 3 people from capsized commercial fishing boat

Curtis Green saw the 40-foot Darean Rose get stuck on a sand bar the day after Christmas 2019 as he worked the dock at Russell’s Marine Fuel & Supply, his family’s business in Charleston. Then the boat capsized. Green yelled for someone to do something. Then he looked around – and he got it done. “I saw the panic in their eyes, I could literally see the whites of their eyes as it was going down,” he said. “I just happened to be the closest one.” Video, >click to read< 07:46