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Opening of 2021 Mississippi Sound shrimp season could be delayed

Coast shrimpers will have to be a little more patient before they can drop their nets in the Mississippi Sound this summer. Rainy weather during the last two months has caused salinity levels and lower water temperatures in our local waters, meaning it could push the start of the 2021 shrimp season back a few weeks. “With brown shrimp, two of the factors that influence growth are water temperature and salinity,,, “Once these rains stop – if they stop and the salinity starts to rise,,, video, >click to read< 19:17

‘Disbarred from Irish waters’ – Northern Ireland fishermen have incomes lost over licence delays

A County Down fisherman has said he has lost his livelihood due to a delay in issuing licences for him and others to access Irish waters. Ian Brown’s crab boat, Amity, has been tied up since January and he said he had lost his entire income. Other boats in Kilkeel are said to be similarly affected. The issue is also having an impact on Irish-registered vessels which want to fish close to the coast of Northern Ireland. The rights to reciprocal cross-border access for inshore waters were retained under the UK/EU Brexit deal. But the boats now have to be licensed by,,, >video, click to read< 14:52

Sig Hansen: “My legacy I suppose is going to be ‘Deadliest Catch’, partnered in business ventures in Norway

Hansen, who survived heart attack scares in 2016 and 2018, can see his time at sea coming into port. “My legacy I suppose is going to always be ‘Deadliest Catch,’ I imagine, but there’s other things too that you want to have succeeded at,” Hansen said. And to that end, he’s partnered with two business ventures in Norway. “One is Resqunit, which is a retrieving device so that if you lose your fishing gear you can then retrieve it. It has a GPS monitor, so that’s a game-changer.” And then there’s Captain Sig’s Crab Bait. “We have a nice bait as well that’s never been done,” Hansen told Nicki. “It’s all sustainable, it’s made from fish meal, but we have a secret recipe. And, you know, that’s about sustainability for fishing all across the globe, so it’s really moving forward.” >click to read< 13:03

Small fishing boat washes up on rocks at Garry Point Park

A fishing boat was found tipping over near the Steveston Fisherman’s Memorial on May 17. What appears to be a small boat with crab traps on it was found on the rocks at Garry Point Park Thursday afternoon. In a video taken by Twitter user Climate Watcher, the boat can be seen around 4:15 p.m. tilting at a 45-degree angle up against the rocky area near the Steveston Fisherman’s Memorial. >click to read/watch< 11:35

Scots journalist shines light on abandoned Scottish-built trawler dumped by its drunken English skipper

She had been built in Cockenzie, East Lothian in 1937 and was sold to a fisherman in Tarbert, Loch Fyne, but her full history remained a mystery. Now, however, Jeremy (Jay) Cresswell, emeritus energy editor at The Press and Journal (P&J) in Aberdeen, told us after seeing our original report: “I am that fisherman in Tarbert! I had her for five years, she was a great boat.”,, Now, she is being reborn, and Cresswell said he was delighted >click to read< 10:39

Alleged DUI skipper rammed squid boat into rocks

>Click to watch video< 10:05

Oregon fisherman lost at sea 28 miles outside Grays Harbor

The Coast Guard suspended the search Friday for a 47-year-old man who fell overboard while heading out with friends to fish for halibut 28 miles northwest of Grays Harbor. Missing and presumed dead is Jason LaBrie of Oregon City, Oregon. According to a GoFundMe page set up for the family, LaBrie leaves behind his wife Bethany, son Alden, and daughter Sophia. Fishermen aboard the 26-foot vessel Defiance II activated an emergency position indicating radio beacon after realizing LaBrie was missing, according to a Coast Guard statement. >click to read< 09:26