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Kona fisherman snagged by large hook credits Coast Guard with saving his life, shows his gratitude

Kenton Geer says he was hauling gear aboard his boat the F/V Vicious Cycle last Tuesday when he was snagged by a massive hook and dragged across the deck. The 39-year-old commercial fisherman has worked on the water more than two decades. He says without the help of the Coast Guard he might not have made it back to shore alive. “I think that there was a real possibility, I could have bled to death,” Geer said. “Or be talking about  not having a hand.” A helicopter trip to the hospital is a ride no fisherman ever wants to take. After five days at Honolulu’s Queen’s Medical  Center and two surgeries, the fisherman is back in Kona and on the mend. But before going home, he made an important stop to thank the Coast Guard crew who saved him. >video, click to read< 14:50

Windfarms: Fishermen don’t want them, but Wheat Farmers do!!!

Back in March, Chris Wiley passed a long day in his tractor sowing wheat. He had the controls set to automatic steering and scanned social media. He did not like what he found. In post after post, people raged about a renewable energy project that would put wind turbines and solar development in the Horse Heaven Hills where he farms.,,, “This is a community of survivors, forgotten by the world and ever shrinking, but not going anywhere anytime soon. And lately we are feeling rather betrayed by our neighbors in the Tri Cities,” Wiley wrote. “Shame on you for condemning construction on a ridge while hoping to someday build a mansion on the very same hill. Shame on you for being this upset about something that, at very most, would be a slight change to your backyard view. Because this same thing would be an absolute, life-changing blessing to your neighboring community.” >click to read< 11:44

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 57′ Single Dredge Steel Scalloper, Ed Gamage built, offers encouraged

To review specifications, information, and 13 photos>click here< , To see all the boats in this series >click here<– 10:46

Counting the Staggering Cost of Biden’s Offshore Wind Power Plans: Power Costs Set to Double

With Joe Biden and the Squad in the White House, American power consumers should strap themselves in for a very wild ride. Under his plans to spear or anchor 10,000 or more giant industrial wind turbines into the seafloor off America’s Atlantic coast, it’s not just the marine environment and fishermen who will suffer the phenomenal cost of Biden’s trillion dollar boondoggle. Power consumers in the States are about to be treated to the kind of punitive power prices suffered by wind and solar powered Germans, Danes and South Australians. >click to read< 10:06

DFO: ‘tubbing’ can continue for the commercial prawn fishery 2021 season

“Our goal is, and always has been, to see our Pacific prawn fishery continue to thrive. Working in partnership with the Pacific Prawn Fishermen’s Association, we have agreed on a process that will allow harvesters to freeze their catch at sea this season, just as they’ve done for years. Size limits remain a critical part of a sustainable prawn fishery, and we will work with industry to develop viable, alternative practices for the long-term. But with the season fast approaching, it’s important that British Columbians understand they can, and should, continue to purchase delicious, frozen Pacific prawns.” >click to read< 07:35

Yankee Fishermen’s Co-op had banner 2020. Does it have to pay back Coronavirus relief funds?

Yankee Fishermen’s Cooperative weathered the Coronavirus pandemic and then some. The cooperative at Seabrook Harbor grossed more revenue in 2020 than 2019, according to president Jim Titone.  He said he is concerned the cooperative will have to return the grant partially or in full, because on paper, it appears as though they were more prosperous, despite the pandemic, even though many of the facilities and equipment are at least 30 years old and are due for replacement, Titone said he would like to use the Main Street Relief monies to upgrade the cooperative, including installing a new 20,000-gallon lobster tank to accommodate the additional Maine lobstermen who joined the cooperative during the pandemic, and to build a new ice house. >click to read< 07:54