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Is Fly Shooting the new Electric Pulse Fishing?

NUTFA has been receiving reports of the increasing number of fly shooters operating initially in the eastern Channel but now fishing as far as western waters for a couple of years now. From initial reports of relatively small numbers of these vessels taking significant quantities of Bass, suddenly we seem to have a vast fleet [75] of high powered fly shooters working our waters, everywhere from the eastern Channel through to western waters, all licenced by the MMO, despite the fact that they admit to not having complete catch records for this method in these waters, reliant instead on member state data, including that from France who have been penalized in the past for failures to provide accurate information in this respect. >click to read< 23:06

Video: Coast Guard rescues 3 fishermen from sinking, capsized fishing vessel near Black Bay, LA

The Coast Guard rescued three fishermen from a sinking vessel Thursday night near Black Bay. All three people on board the vessel were safely rescued with no reported medical concerns. Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector New Orleans received a report around 11 p.m. that a 40-foot fishing vessel  was taking on water in the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet with three people on board the F/V King Dang >click to read/watch< 22:16.

Clarence Dirk Rozema, of Mount Vernon, has passed away. Ran family business, Rozema Boat Works

On Monday, May 3, 2021, Clarence Dirk Rozema, died peacefully surrounded by loved ones, and went to be with Jesus. He attended Emmanuel Baptist Church in Mount Vernon and graduated from LaConner High School. At Emmanuel, he met Barbara Jon Connell of Mount Vernon and they married in 1966.  Clarence and Barbara made their home in Bay View near the family boat business, where they worked together and raised their three children. Following his father’s death in 1979, Clarence found himself in charge of the family business. Already a respected yard known for wooden seine skiffs and small aluminum boats, Clarence guided Rozema Boat Works through its next phase of operations, building larger vessels used throughout Alaska and beyond. >click to read< 17:28

New buoy marking changes in the works for Bay State Lobstermen

In late January, the Massachusetts Fisheries Advisory Commission approved a package of new protections for the imperiled North Atlantic right whales, including an extended state-water closure, required breakaway ropes and new rules for applying identifying markings on lobster trap buoy lines. The new gear requirements went into effect May 1, but commercial lobstermen may not want to get too comfortable with the buoy line marking rules. DMF already is looking to change them after this fishing season. The proposed new buoy line marking rules, if enacted, would go into effect Feb. 1, 2022. >click to read< 14:28

“It’s a peaceful protest,,, Why are French fishermen angry about Jersey’s post-Brexit fishing licences?!!

The issue is over fishing licences post-Brexit. Jersey is a British crown dependency, but it’s only 19km off the coast of France and around 250 French boats regularly fish the waters around the island, supporting around 900 families and another 2,000 jobs on shore. As part of Brexit related fishing talks it was agreed that French boats which had habitually fished around Jersey would be allowed to continue doing so, but would need new licences. Because of Jersey’s unusual status, owned by the British Crown but not actually part of the UK, these licences come from Jersey authorities, not the British government in London. But the fishermen say that when they received their licenses they had new requirements and limitations,,, >click to read< 11:29

Expect more clashes like the Nova Scotia lobster dispute as Canadians’ rights collide

The ongoing dispute between a Mi’kmaq community and non-Indigenous lobster fishers in Nova Scotia seems like a throwback to a darker and more racist time. We were supposed to have come a long way since that time. So it might seem like this fishery dispute is a throwback, a sign of how far we still have to go in order to truly end racism towards Indigenous peoples and protect their rights in Canada. But unfortunately this dispute isn’t a throwback; it’s probably a look-ahead. This is because the Canadian approach to equality and Indigenous rights, an approach that is baked into our difficult-to-change Constitution and which has been taken up with gusto by the Supreme Court, is based on two opposing views of rights. >click to read< 09:45

Fishery advocate Robert E. Best Sr. of Belford N.J. commercial fisherman/lobsterman/dealer, has passed away

Robert E. Best Sr., 78, of Belford, passed away April 20, 2021. Robert was born Sept. 20, 1942, in Long Branch, a son of the late Madlyn (Truax) and Frederick Best Sr. He lived in the Bayshore area all his life. Bob proudly served his country in the early 1960s as a part of the U.S. Navy’s construction force, the Seabees. In 1975 he found his true calling and became an independent commercial fisherman/ lobsterman. He and his partner, Jack Baker, opened the Shoal Harbor Lobster Co. in 1975 and ran it for 45 years until Hurricane Sandy destroyed the building. Bob was an advocate for local fishermen and the fishing industry in New Jersey. He worked with marine fisheries and senators. He was also the fisherman responsible for bringing black fish into the New Jersey fish markets. >click to read< 08:36

Fishermen Protest: Aeolus installation vessel surrounded by 70 fishing boats Saint-Brieuc Offshore Wind Farm

Local fishermen have taken their protests against the construction of the French Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm from land to the offshore project site on 7 May, when 70 fishing boats surrounded the Aeolus installation vessel in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc. The protest at the offshore project site is part of organised demonstrations against the project on both sea and land. The fishermen first gathered on Monday, 3 May, in front of the Côtes-d’Armor prefecture and announced that they would go to the offshore site on Friday around 9 a.m. with a rally on land scheduled to take place at Cape Fréhel from 10 a.m. >click to read< 07:20