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Come ride along with the Greenhorns on the F/V Chasina during their 2020 Southeast Alaskan salmon hunt. This edit is beautifully crafted and well worth the view. Via YouTube: I spent a summer commercial salmon fishing up in SE Alaska. It was an experience, to say the least. >click to watch< 17:26  JuneauTek

Locally sourced seafood attracting crowds to the fishing boats in Half Moon Bay

Commercial trawlers pan for bottom-feeders at least three miles from shore. Purse-seiners use nets closer to the surface, while traditionalists fish the way the Egyptians did with hooks and lines. Nothing causes a bigger commotion than Dungeness crab in late fall, when eager customers line the docks like going to the DMV. The crustacean has joined turkeys as a Bay Area staple of the holiday dinner table. “All the crab pots are like little money banks that you just pull up and dump out the money,” Hassan said. Weekend dock sales have become integral to survival for anglers like Hassan. Smaller boats don’t catch enough to supply wholesalers, so they bypass the supply chain for direct sales. >click to read< 13:31

Mr. Common Resources, Meet “Miss-Management”

The contradictions in redundant multi-agency management and layers of regulation of common resources have made management paralyzed. The need for management revision stretches across the entire spectrum of resource providers from agriculture in the heartland to fishing on the coast and energy production everywhere between. This problem is compounded by an onslaught of nonprofit and NGO lobby influence/infiltration. A narrative was created to indoctrinate the public. The narrative of resource providers being the problem of ecosystem failures is a deflection of accountability to manage. Common resource management or “conservation” was reinvented. The influence of NGO’s installed a term called “precautionary management.”  The title is Marine Mammal “Protection” Act, it should be the Marine Mammal “Management” Act. By Jeff Crumley >click to read<,video, and a link to a short 10 question survey 11:39 #seaotter, #usfws, #seaurchin #ESA   #MMPA

Makah Tribe takes big step toward resuming gray whale hunt

A federal judge has moved the Makah Tribe a big step forward in its 16-year-quest to resume hunting gray whales. U.S. Coast Guard administrative law judge George Jordan largely rejected animal welfare groups’ complaints that the hunt sought by the Makahs would endanger the whales of the eastern North Pacific. He recommended that the Makah Tribe be allowed to conduct a hunt largely as the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration has proposed, though he proposed new restrictions on hunting in the winter and spring to protect a small subpopulation of whales that occasionally wander from the Asian side of the Pacific Ocean into waters off Washington state. >click to read< 10:36

Prince William Sound harvests exceed 69M salmon

Late season harvesters were still pulling in coho salmon in in mid-September, with the preliminary Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s estimated harvest rising to 224,000 silvers, up from 199,000 a week ago. The Copper River district has been the biggest contributor to the coho catch to date, with 132,462 fish caught in drift gillnets, followed by 33,607 fish brought in Eastern Prince William Sound purse seiners and 16,436 fish from Prince William Sound Southwestern purse seiners, according to ADF&G updates. The average weight of Copper River,,, >click to read< 07:48