Daily Archives: December 10, 2022

Jersey fishing boat sinking: Two crewmen named

Two crewmen missing after their fishing boat was involved in a collision with a freight vessel off Jersey have been named. Larry Simyun and Jervis Baligat were on board the L’Ecume II when it sank off Jersey at about 05:30 GMT on Thursday, Ports of Jersey (POJ) said. Both men had been on the boat with skipper Michael Michieli. A search operation for the men was called off on Friday with attention switching to recovery of the vessel. Mr Michieli and the two crew members were on the L’Ecume II when it collided with the Commodore Goodwill. >click to read< 12:16

New study proposes to uncover where chinook salmon could be dying en route to Yukon

The state of Alaska is proposing new research to track dwindling chinook salmon numbers this spring, and it’s possible the study could eventually extend into the Yukon. This week, members of the bilateral Yukon River Panel met in Anchorage, Alaska, to brainstorm ways to help the salmon, which undertake one of the longest salmon migrations in the world. It’s during this migration, though, that tens of thousands of salmon seem to go missing every year. >click to read< 10:23

Fleet reduction is a signal that local economies will be hit hard

“It is appalling that we have the best, most-productive fishing waters in Europe, but the government has again failed the Irish fishing industry. Other member states in the EU have been given the biggest catching rights in Irish waters and the Government has failed to achieve this. Boats are leaving the industry because owners say they cannot continue to make a living from fishing, which has suffered repeated blows. Industry organisations have been warning for months that the crisis it faced was not being adequately responded to by government. Now what they have warned about is happening.  >click to read< 08:07