Daily Archives: December 11, 2022

Bailiff of Jersey’s appeal after flats blast and trawler sinking

An appeal has been set up to provide support for those affected by two tragedies in Jersey. It comes after three people were confirmed dead with more bodies expected to be found after explosion in a block of flats, in St Helier. And three fishermen who were involved in a maritime collision with a freight vessel are still missing after their fishing boat sank on Thursday. The Bailiff’s Island Appeal aims to help people affected by both events. Bailiff Sir Timothy Le Cocq said the appeal would help “meet the needs of those individuals as they arise in the coming days”. >click to read< 15:34

Built to be Versatile

The latest delivery from the Parkol Marine Engineering yard in Whitby is multi-purpose trawler Green Isle, built for Greencastle skipper Michael Cavanagh. Launched at Parkol’s Teeside yard and brought to Whitby for outfitting, F/V Green Isle has been designed for versatility, able to switch between pelagic pair trawling for mackerel, herring and scad through the autumn and winter, pelagic trawling for tuna off the south-west of Ireland for part of the summer and alternating this with twin-rigging for the rest of the year for prawns and whitefish in the Celtic Sea and grounds to the north-west of Ireland. Lots of photos, >click to read< 11:25

Alaska task force’s final report calls for new rules and more research to address seafood bycatch

Gov. Mike Dunleavy, who created the task force a year ago, released the group’s final report late Thursday. “I look forward to working with task force members and stakeholders to do everything we can to get more fish to return to Alaska’s waters,” Dunleavy said in a statement. The collapse of salmon runs vital to western Alaska — and public complaints that too many salmon were being intercepted at sea before returning to spawning grounds — triggered the creation of the Alaska Bycatch Task Force. However, its work extended to bycatch of various crab species and halibut. To some degree, bycatch is unavoidable, the task force said. >click to read< 09:10

Two shark divers freed 19 sharks from a commercial longline. They’re facing five years in prison

The men, boat captain John R. Moore Jr., 56, and mate Tanner Mansell, 29, gathered up the three miles of line and freed 19 sharks and a Goliath grouper, a state-protected species. The three-hour effort was done with the help of their charter passengers, telling them the line was an abandoned “ghost set” of line, U.S. Attorney’s Office prosecutors said. Two years later, a grand jury indicted Moore and Mansell of theft of commercial fishing gear in federal waters. A jury convicted the men last week, and they now face five years each in federal prison. The line, prosecutors said, belonged to a commercial fishing operator that was licensed to catch all the species of shark that were hooked that day.  >click to read< 07:48