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The Porcher Fleet Continues to Grow

Aventurine was built in less than a year by the shipyard in Boulogne for its loyal customer in Côtes-d’Armor. It will be based in Saint-Brieuc, also its port of registry. With an 25 metre overall length and an 8 metre beam, the new trawler has a steel hull, aluminium superstructure and seven winches. Propulsion is provided by a CAT3512C main engine driving a France Helice HPV 804G variable pitch propeller. The new trawler’s skipper, Antoine Porcher, 26 years old and grandson of the company’s owner Jean Porcher, appreciates the innovations that have gone into Aventurine. Video, photos, >click to read< 16:47

Boat that helped save 39 migrants returns to Plymouth

A fishing trawler which helped rescue 39 migrants attempting to cross the English Channel has returned to Plymouth. A dinghy was found sinking in freezing waters off the Kent coast in the early hours on Wednesday. A 19-year-old man has been charged over the deaths of four people who died in the Channel. Skipper Raymond Strachan said his boat and crew were “just in the right place at the right time”. >click to read< 12:32

Teenager charged after deadly Channel migrant boat sinking – The United Kingdom has charged a 19-year-old man over a deadly incident in the English Channel in which a boat packed with migrants capsized, resulting in the loss of four lives. >click to read<

Opinion: Who owns the oceans?

There is a question that has been asked in our household for years. For us, it’s a personal question. Generations of family fisherman have been affected by the decisions of others, some known and many invisible. We have had to sit on the sidelines watching the demise of our industry while power brokers, politicians, and the money hungry chart the course when we are not even invited to the table. Now we find ourselves watching the final chapters play out, knowing that we don’t even have a role. The high jacking of our oceans didn’t happen overnight. The slow, methodical process has lined the pockets of the politicians at every level of government. Working in conjunction with private industry and environmentalists they have driven our beloved industry past the brink and left fisherman with no place left to fish. >click to read< 09:59

Offshore Wind Farms in New England Create Headaches for Both Man and Beast

“I don’t think ever in history has there been such a massive alteration of the ecosystem in such a short amount of time,” says the executive director of New Jersey-based Clean Ocean Action, Cindy Zipf. “We’re looking at 3,500 turbines as tall as the Chrysler Building, 2.2 million acres of ocean, and 10,000 miles of cable just in the Northeast in just the next seven years.” At the center of the conflict is the North Atlantic right whale and other endangered marine mammals that the Commerce Department’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association National Marine Fisheries Service are charged with protecting. Fewer than 350 right whales are left in the Atlantic Ocean, according to the fisheries service. >click to read< 08:14