Opinion: Who owns the oceans?

There is a question that has been asked in our household for years. For us, it’s a personal question. Generations of family fisherman have been affected by the decisions of others, some known and many invisible. We have had to sit on the sidelines watching the demise of our industry while power brokers, politicians, and the money hungry chart the course when we are not even invited to the table. Now we find ourselves watching the final chapters play out, knowing that we don’t even have a role.

The high jacking of our oceans didn’t happen overnight. The slow, methodical process has lined the pockets of the politicians at every level of government. Working in conjunction with private industry and environmentalists they have driven our beloved industry past the brink and left fisherman with no place left to fish.

They hit us on every front: Where we fish, how we fish, what we fish, when we fish, and how much we can fish. They have regulated our family run fishing businesses out of existence. They have allowed foreign-owned vessels to infiltrate the fleet, giving them unbelievably unfair advantages. They have allowed our ports to decay to the point that they are being replaced by other industry. Farm-raised fish is being forced on the public as the only viable option. Our fishing grounds have been poisoned, declared off-limits, and are now being handed over the green energy liars.

A few of us tried to stand up and fight for years. We were shut down at every turn no matter how high up the food chain we testified. The price for us was high, but I would imagine that the profits for those in control were so much more.

As you watch the wind turbines and swell generators move into what used to be your fishing grounds, I wish you all the luck in your battle to save your industry. I fear it is too little, too late.

The backroom deals, appointed officials, so-called environmentalists with their money- laundering grant systems, politicians with family interests in private industries that directly benefit, along with a host of other players will no doubt work against your every move. They already have and they are good at it. With them, nothing seems to be off limits. When you find yourself saying, “They would never do that or stoop that low”, know that they would and that they already have. The wolf in sheep’s clothing is child’s play compared to the ruthless, unethical, and demonic tactics regularly used by this group at all times. You aren’t losing your industry because some whales were injured, you are being shut down because they have it rigged to make you go away. Even if they don’t, they act as if they own the oceans.

This opinion piece was submitted by one of our readers. Thank you.