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Shediac, N.B., marks diamond anniversary celebration with annual Lobster Festival

The event schedule has been posted for weeks, the sound-checks are done and now all that’s left to do is wait for 7 p.m. – the official start of the 75th annual Shediac Lobster Festival. “This is the longest running festival in the province and Shediac has always been a very welcoming town, welcoming tourist town, so this is our flagship event, hands down,” said Shediac Mayor Roger Caissie. Before festivities even kicked off, several shows were already sold out. Licence plates from the Maritimes and beyond filled the parking lot and excitement was evident at the big lobster on Friday. Officials say this year’s celebration will see expand to mark the major milestone in “grand style.” The 10-day celebration runs from July 5 until July 14. Video, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 17:09

Gloomy in Looe as fishermen reflect on Labour coup

Richard Chapman mends his nets in a gloomy Looe harbour and considers whether his new MP will bring Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer’s promised “sunlight of hope”. South East Cornwall’s long-standing Conservative MP Sheryll Murray has been ousted by Labour’s Anna Gelderd – a constituency first. The clouds break but Mr Chapman barely glances up from his task as he reflects on an industry he believes has been overlooked. “I voted Conservative, it seemed the lesser of two evils. I’ve no clue what Labour’s policy is on fishing but every government so far has been a letdown,” he says. “You look around the port, it’s dying,” Mr Chapman adds. “When I started from school there were 50 boats – crabbing netters, handline mackerel boats, trawlers. “There are just six trawlers left. Photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 11:38

Lesion-Causing Disease in Chesapeake Bay Bait Fish Alarms Watermen

The disease, characterized by ulcers and lesions, is affecting menhaden, acrucial bait fish. Commercial crabber CJ Canby reports seeing dead menhaden floating in the bay on a weekly basis. “Last year, we had a 5-gallon bucket of menhaden, and 3 or 4 out of them had lesions. The other day, we cast-netted 23 fish, and 4 of them had lesions. So, the rate of lesions in menhaden has astronomically increased,” said Captain CJ Canby of the FV Miss Paula. Canby emphasizes the seriousness of the issue for watermen. “The fish are telling us there’s a problem, and it’s showing. more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 09:46

Who dumped a pile of lobsters alongside the highway?

Ontario Provincial Police are looking for information after a large quantity of lobsters were found dumped along Highway 17 near Bonfield. On Tuesday, police started receiving calls about the lobsters alongside the highway. Officers found a large pile of lobsters. “It did look like quite an abundant number,” Const. Renne Taylor said. “Probably over 100 lobsters were there.” How they got there? Police admit they have no idea. As a result, they’re asking the public to get in touch if they have any details. more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 08:45

How an old Peterhead trawler was turned into a luxury Airbnb in Inverness

In 1972, when much of Britain’s fishing fleet became locked in “cod wars” with Iceland, a new wooden-hulled trawler was launched in Peterhead. Made in the shipyard of Richard Irvine, the Achieve FR100, under the watchful eye of Andra Buchan, was about to take to the seas. “White fish fishing” was its one purpose. And for 28 years that’s exactly what she was used for. Now, more than half a century since the launch, herring has been exchanged for hospitality, and choppy seas for the Caledonian Canal. We look back at one of the Blue Toon’s most iconic trawlers and its journey to becoming a luxury bed and breakfast today. Photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 07:21