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Grupo Arbumasa’s New Fresher Trawler

Huafeng 882 is the third of six trawlers ordered in 2021 by Dalian Huafeng Aquatic Products, part of Grupo Arbumasa. Earlier in 2022, Contessi launched the first two vessels, which have already been successfully fishing during the recent season. Like its sister vessels, Huafeng 882 is a 24-metre fresher trawler, designed to fish not only Argentine red shrimp but also the several other species outside the shrimp season. Huafeng 882 is a double-decked ship mostly made of steel, with an aluminium superstructure. A fresquero, it does not have freezing capacities, but it has an insulated fishroom, provided by Nautiplast, for landing catches fresh in ice, and a chiller supplied by PM Refrigeración. Video, photos, >click to read< 17:25

Offshore Wind? At Any Scale Safe, Reliable & Affordable Nuclear Is The Natural Energy Choice

There are 30 countries where you’ll find nearly 450 nuclear reactors currently operating, including the French, Americans, Canadians, Japanese and Chinese. Another 15 countries are currently building 60 reactors among them. Nuclear power output accounts for over 11% of global electricity production. But not a lick of it in Australia, thanks to an idiotic legislated ban put in place by a Liberal government back in 1998. STT promotes nuclear power because it works: safe, affordable, reliable and the perfect foil for those worried about human-generated carbon dioxide gas, because it doesn’t generate any, while generating power on demand, irrespective of the weather, unlike the forever unreliables: wind and solar. >click to read< 12:16

Killybegs-Based Fishing Reps say Norway is Holding EU Fishing Deals to Ransom

Irish fishing representatives have accused Norway of stalling EU quota talks because they failed to secure privileged access to blue whiting in Ireland’s EEZ (European Economic Zone) waters. “Norway has a track record of overfishing blue whiting and mackerel ,” says Aodh O Donnell of the Irish Fish Producers Organisation (IFPO). “So, they should not be rewarded with new and additional access to Ireland’s waters to catch their blue whiting quota.” “They already have an inflated 25% of the total catch for blue whiting, compared to just 3% for Ireland. The Irish Box (a key part of our fishing zone) has some of the richest blue whiting grounds – worth around €160m. This is why Norway is targeting our waters. They are still not offering any meaningful reciprocal deal to Ireland in return for our blue whiting.” >click to read< 10:36

Fishing crew catches rare, brightly colored petrale sole

A fishing crew working for a Morgan Hill-based seafood company reeled in “the catch of a lifetime” in Moss Landing Harbor when they pulled a brightly colored petrale sole with a rare skin condition onto the boat, according to the company. The crew was fishing on the F/V Noah’s Ark vessel for Lusamerica Foods,,, “I’ve never seen anything like that, ever, and neither has my captain. And we’ve been fishing for over 100 years between us,”In an industry noted for superstition, Lusamerica and the F/V Noah’s Ark are taking the catch as a “good omen.” Adame said the Jan. 24 expedition was the boat’s first time unloading in Moss Landing, >click to read< 09:47

Simmons Seafood Market Sells Direct to Community in Damariscotta

Simmons Seafood Market opened its doors at 49 Main St. in Damariscotta this month, bringing customers fresh seafood purchased directly from fishermen and processed in house. A grand opening at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 3 and continued expansion will bring prepared meals, wholesale, and local boutique offerings in coming weeks. Owners Amy and Gregory Simmons, of Friendship, have been at work on the former Fisherman’s Catch storefront since early January, along with their three daughters, ages 5, 10, and 12. Gregory Simmons, a fifth-generation lobsterman and all-around fisherman, said opening the market was the result of a snowball effect throughout his years working on the water. >click to read< 08:41