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Fishing plan can rebuild long lost cod stock by 2033

Most of the cod now sold in the U.S. comes from overseas because many American fishermen avoid the fish-and-chips staple altogether. But the regulatory New England Fishery Management Council has approved a new strategy that it said has a 70% chance of rebuilding the stock by 2033. The proposal, which is awaiting final approval from NOAA, would use 10 years of low catch limits to try to rebuild the cod population in the Gulf of Maine. But some fishermen are unconvinced cod are ever coming back. Fishermen have grown used to choking quotas on cod catch and have moved on to other species, said Terry Alexander, a longtime fisherman from Harpswell, Maine, who targets haddock and monkfish these days. “I would like to have my codfish back, for sure. We could make some money on them. But that’s never going to happen,” >click to read< 16:02

New halibut catch share plan included in federal bill

Charter operators in the Gulf of Alaska will soon be able to buy halibut quota from willing commercial fishermen. That’s after funding was included for a new catch-sharing program in the federal omnibus budget bill, passed at the end of last month. Seward’s Andy Mezirow is on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council and has been a champion of the program for a while. He said it’s a long time coming. The program was vetoed by President Donald Trump in his final weeks in office and had to go through the Congressional approval process — twice. >click to read< 14:37

Captain Peter Parisi of Gloucester, Massachusetts, has passed away

Capt. Peter Parisi, 64, of Gloucester, passed away on Thursday, December 29, 2022, in the comfort of his home. He was the former husband of Michelene (Parisi) Mina. Born in Gloucester on March 23, 1958, to a large fishing family, Peter grew up on the family fishing boats which led him to begin fishing for his father in the seventh grade. This was the beginning of his life as a fisherman. Peter had much love and respect for the ocean as he knew the ocean floor better than he did land. Peter took great pride in fishing and supporting his family. He eventually owned his own fishing vessel and named it after his daughter the F/V Tanya Lynne. Peter loved spending time with his family and especially enjoyed making his famous fish cakes that he would hand deliver to his brothers and sisters-in-law. Peter always gave a helping hand to all that needed it and underneath his weathered, rugged shell was a man with a huge heart that cared very much for others, while always giving and never expecting in return.  >click to read< 12:45

Regulated revenue: New rules, delayed season cut into local crabbers earning potential

Local crabbers and fishermen struggle to make ends meet due to stormy weather, a delayed fishing season, and a new state mandate. On Dec. 26, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) announced that fisheries stretching roughly from Bodega Bay to Point Conception would finally open on Dec. 31, but now under one condition, crabbers and fishers are required to limit the use of crab traps and gear they throw in the water by 50 percent. Longtime Morro Bay crabber Jeff French said the new rules set by the Department of Fish and Wildlife put crabbers and fishers at a disadvantage. “Our costs are going to be basically the same, except that now we’re expected to make a living on half of our normal gear allotment and we have to pay for tags or licenses every other year for our traps,”  >click to read< 12:12

Police investigation into sunken L’Ecume II trawler launched

An independent investigation into the sunken L’Ecume II trawler has been launched by the States police to establish any criminal culpability. Andy Shearwood, a former detective chief inspector with Thames Valley Police, has been appointed as the senior investigating officer for ‘Operation Nectar’ and will work alongside Detective Inspector Christina Maclennan, former head of the Criminal Investigation Department at the States police. The States police will also be supported by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The L’Ecume II, skippered by Michael Michieli, sank after colliding with Condor’s Commodore Goodwill freight ship off Jersey’s west coast at about 5.30am on Thursday 8 December. >click to read< 09:45

Commercial Fisherman Frederick “Fred” Warren Benson of R.I. has passed away

Frederick Benson, 80, passed away peacefully at the Scandinavian Nursing Home, Cranston, following a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was the husband of Susan (Schwartz) Benson. Born in Providence, he was the son of the late Paul and Charlotte (Morse) Benson. He attended Brown University and then was drafted and served in the army as a military police officer in Vietnam. After returning home, he continued his college education and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Fisheries and Marine Technology. His non-conformist tendencies and entrepreneurial spirit led him to a life as a commercial fisherman and he purchased his own fishing boat, the Lucky 13, which he ran successfully for many years. He was a man that always was determined to act in a way that was consistent with his principles. He will be sorely missed by his family, friends, and others that sought him out for his knowledge and advice. >click to read< 08:23

Canada, U.S. fail to reach agreement on quota for shared haddock stock in 2023

Canada and the United States have, for the first time, failed to agree on a shared quota for the transboundary haddock stock on the Georges Bank fishing grounds off southern Nova Scotia. The two countries have jointly managed the haddock fishery and two other straddling stocks, since 2000, but were unable to reach a consensus for the 2023 haddock quota. “While Canada and the U.S. tried to negotiate a shared haddock total allowable catch … our countries will be setting our own total allowable catch independently of the other,” The disagreement centred on the size of the quota cut. >click to read< 07:25