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Right whale found entangled in Canadian lobster fishing gear in U.S. waters

A right whale found entangled in lobster fishing gear in waters off the southern United States was disentangled by U.S. marine mammal rescue responders last weekend. An investigation by U.S. officials and Fisheries and Oceans Canada has determined the gear was from Lobster Fishing Area 33 in Southern Nova Scotia, according to a DFO release. The adult whale is identified officially as North Atlantic right whale 1218 and known as Argo. According to the release, it is the first entanglement connected to Canada’s lobster fishery in five years. The release said the harvester reported the lost gear to DFO. >click to read< 17:58

9 missing after fishing boat capsizes in South Korea

South Korean coast guard vessels and aircraft on Sunday were searching for nine fishermen who disappeared after their boat capsized off the country’s southwestern coast. The coast guard from the southwestern port city of Mokpo said that three crew members were rescued by a nearby commercial vessel following the accident late Saturday near Daebichi Island in the sea county of Sinan. Survivors said the boat’s engine room had quickly filled with water before the 24-ton vessel tipped over, according to the coast guard. Photos, >click to read< 15:57

Why South Jersey needs congressional hearings on offshore wind energy, by Rep. Jeff Van Drew

I am tired of being misled by big corporations, lectured by elites on what we must be willing to accept, and sold out by our own government, which is all too willing to ship our hard-earned money overseas. I remain deeply concerned that these offshore wind projects are the latest, and perhaps most egregious, example of this sad reality. The recent whale deaths have served as a wakeup call, bringing renewed and necessary attention to potentially the greatest threat our regional economy has faced since we defeated North Jersey casinos. In years past, if several dead whales washed ashore on Atlantic and Cape May County beaches over the course of a few weeks, it would have set off environmental alarm bells. Yet, for some reason, we are told by environmental groups that everything is “fine” and that additional investigations relating to their cause of death are completely unnecessary. >click to read< 12:50

Man dies after going overboard while fishing off Donegal coast

A man in his late 20s has died after he went overboard while fishing for crabs off the coast of Donegal last night. Malin Head Coast Guard said it responded to a distress call from a fishing vessel 70 miles north of Árainn Mhór last night which had several people on board at the time. The alert was made at around 8.30pm and rescue helicopter 118 and Arranmore Lifeboat were dispatched to the area. The operation was stood down after crew members on board the vessel managed to take their colleague from the water. >click to read< 10:01

Pleas to pause wind farm plans over whale deaths have fallen on deaf ears: ‘Reeks of hypocrisy’

The mayor of Point Pleasant Beach, N.J., Paul Kanitra, has a theory on what may be behind the mysterious string of whale deaths that has left officials speechless. Since offshore wind energy development began in December, the region has witnessed 18 whale deaths – a severe uptick that is not a “coincidence,” the New Jersey mayor argues. “In a normal year, the Jersey Shore coast and in the tri-state area, we have one, two, maybe three whale deaths. Since they started doing this sonar testing, which started in December, we’ve had eight whale deaths off our coast, and that seems a lot more than a coincidence to us,” Kanitra said on “America’s Newsroom,” Friday. >click to read< 09:00

55 years on, brother remembers skipper, 26, lost in the Triple Trawler Tragedy

The St Romanus went down in the North Sea, where, is still not known. Vic was 22 and fishing, but at home with a crushed finger, over the weeks the tragedy unfolded. He recalls the “numbness” that set in and the fading hope that the ship’s radio had broken down. “As time goes on and the life raft is found and a life ring, you do realise that the end was there,” he said. Vic, the vice chairman of fishing heritage charity Stand, says the loss of his brother is “still very raw”. Jim “like any older brother (was) a role model and hero”. >click to read< 07:55