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Artist and fisher chronicles life on one of the last southern New England trap fishing boats

Corey Wheeler Forrest is a third-generation fisherwoman. Her family owns the last trap-fishing business in southern New England. Forrest loves the work, and quite often is taken aback by the beauty she sees out in the open water. Several years ago, she started taking pictures of her surroundings, her family, and the tools of her trade, and posting them on Instagram. During fishing season, Forrest, along with her brother, 76 year-old father, and quite often her daughter get up early, load up their boats and head out to one of several traps in nearby waters. Photos, video, >click to read< 18:04

The check is (almost) in the mail

Active lobstermen are being advised to open mail from the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission in the coming months, because the envelopes that arrive just might contain a check for up to $3,500. Marine Resources Commissioner Patrick Keliher told members of the Lobster Advisory Council at their January 18 meeting that the checks—meant to partially offset the expense of gear modifications required by 2021 North Atlantic right whale protections—will be issued by ASMFC and should arrive this spring. “These are checks that will be distributed to a lot of harvesters,” Keliher said. “The Commission will be writing the checks, so make sure you don’t see the envelope and throw it away.” >click to read< 14:21

Dulac shrimper Jonathan ‘The King’ Guidry retains his heavyweight boxing crown

Dulac shrimper Jonathan “The King” Guidry recently defended his heavyweight boxing title during a match in Miami. And on the same night in Thibodaux, seven local MMA fighters won their matches. Guidry, 33, retained his North American Boxing Association’s Gold Title against Bermane “B. WARE” Stiverne. Stiverne, 44, is a former World Boxing Council heavyweight champion. The fight took place at the Casino Miami Jai-Alai in Miami, and Guidry won by unanimous decision after a full 10-round match. Back home, Guidry said he’s been doing a bit of crabbing lately, but the season is slow because of the frequent weather changes. Because of the slow season, he’s been spending more time training. >click to read< 11:41

Lobster 207 racketeering lawsuit inching toward trial

A lawsuit alleging racketeering brought by Lobster 207 against the family it purchased a lobster wholesale business from will likely be decided at trial, attorney Thimi R. Mina, the Portland lawyer representing Lobster 207, said Jan. 27. The suit alleges Anthony and Josette Pettegrow, who sold Lobster 207 their wholesale lobster concern, and their son Warren Pettegrow embezzled nearly $2 million over roughly two years, in a price-fixing arrangement that included BJ Co-op manager Stephen Peabody. Peabody, the Pettegrows’ lobster business Poseidon Charters LLC and their Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound were named as co-defendants. >click to read< 10:26

Trident Seafoods marks 50th anniversary

A major seafood processing company that began with a single vessel operating out of Kodiak in 1973 marked its 50th anniversary on Jan. 31, celebrating all those who helped Trident become the largest vertically integrated seafood firm in the nation. “At our core, we are a people business, and what sets us apart is how we care for each other,” said Joe Bundrant, chief executive officer of the company, and son of the late Chuck Bundrant, who would have celebrated his 81st birthday on Jan. 31. Starting back in 1973, Trident set a new precedent for the crabbing and fishing industry by catching, processing and freezing king crab onboard the same ship. >click to read< 09:36

Seattle-based seafood giant Trident reaches half-century markIn the summer of 1973, Trident Seafoods co-founder Chuck Bundrant went to a Tacoma shipyard to launch the Billikin, a 135-foot steel boat able to operate for more than a month offshore, catching and processing crab with a crew of 16. Back then, Trident was a new startup working out of a couple of trailers in Seattle’s Ballard waterfront. Chuck Bundrant took the Billikin north to the Bering Sea, where he was able to earn an early fortune tapping into red king crab stocks that surged through the ’70s. >click to read< 2/5/2023

New Coast Guard swimmer saves man’s life after wave rolls yacht

A newly minted Coast Guard rescue swimmer saved a man’s life Friday at the mouth of the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington state just after a giant wave rolled the yacht he was piloting and threw him into the surf. The agency was able to triangulate roughly where the call was coming from, and Coast Guard crews on vessels and in a helicopter who happened to be training nearby responded. The rescue swimmer who was on his first rescue just after graduating from the Coast Guard’s rescue swimmer program, was lowered from the helicopter by a cable. As he neared the vessel, the man on board climbed onto the stern, preparing to get into the water. Video, >click to read< 08:17