Daily Archives: February 7, 2023

After a highly anticipated start, Kodiak’s Tanner crab season is almost over

Kodiak’s Tanner crab fleet spent the first two weeks of the season tied up at the docks, awaiting better prices from local seafood processors. And after a highly anticipated opener just over a week ago on Jan. 30, the season is nearly over; most of the fishery had closed by the end of the weekend. Fisherman Eddie Perez was selling Tanners from his boat, the F/V Vero Victoria, on Monday morning. He had about 500 crabs on board when he pulled up to the dock – and he expected to sell out by noon. “Everybody’s been really excited, happy that local fishermen are offering to the community and it’s been going really good,” said Perez. >click to read< 15:53

A lament of whales and windmills

So, today my wife and I went to a memorial service for Ms. Corrine Damon (a faithful servant of the Lord).  A friend from church (Len Wolfe) asked if I would look into what is going on with the wind turbine generator site exploration and construction and its impacts on marine life and their habitats. Len was mainly concerned with the many Humpback whales washing up on the northeast coastal areas (especially around the New Jersey coastline). It affects the fisheries all the way up through Maine, and politics (and industry money) are the deciding factors in the equation. One website on Youtube named “Will Offshore Wind Harm Marine Life” by a group called “The Maine Reset” shows that some of the construction areas will have “Wind Farms” with as few as a dozen of these rigs set up (with these massive chains intertwined underneath each other). >click to read< 12:19

Bomb disposal team called after fishermen trawl wartime mine off coast

The bomb squad was called to Teesside after a fishing vessel trawled a wartime mine off the coast of Hartlepool. A two-person crew of the fishing boat had trawled the explosive device and were five miles off the coast of the town. The Royal Navy bomb disposal experts were called out to meet the 13m boat shortly after 10.40pm last night. The squad had travelled down from Scotland to carry out the operation but were unable to launch their own boat and the Hartlepool RNLI was called in to assist.  >click to read< 11:30

Legal sizes for lobsters trapped off New England could change to protect population

The regulatory Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is considering changing the standards by a fraction of an inch in some of the fishing grounds. The commission said it’s considering the changes because of a worrisome lack of baby lobsters growing off New England. The commission is soliciting public comment on the proposal and plans to hold public hearings about it in March, Starks said. The changes would affect lobster fishers from Maine to the waters off southern New England, and the hearings will be held in those places, Starks said. Changes could be implemented by fall 2024 if they are approved,,, >click to read< 09:09

Catch of a lifetime: Rare blue lobster landed in Belfast Lough

Stuart Brown 28, from Bangor, Co Down, said he could not believe his eyes when he pulled one of his lobster pots up onto the deck of his boat, the Huntress, last Friday. Some marine biologists have estimated the odds of catching a blue lobster at around two million to one. “We were sitting in about 50 to 60 feet of water and the fourth pot came up,” he recalled. “I sort of saw it, but I think I thought, ‘it’s just a lobster’. You could hear the tail going. “I slid the pot down to the crew man who lifted it out and he made a comment: ‘That’s very blue.’ >click to read< 08:21