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Dennis Gaudet was fishing at 12; he’s still loves the industry nearly 57 years later

“I remember being down at North Cape, fishing out of a shanty shack and our boats were on the beach. We had to take a dory out to go fishing.” That’s back when a big boat was around 35 feet in length. He also remembers when a limit of 600 lobster traps was imposed in 1967. His father, Nelson, had just purchased a brand new 45-foot Hutt boat and was planning on setting 900 traps.,, The trap limit was subsequently reduced to 500, then 400 and later to 300.  >click to read< 11:59

Always willing to lend a hand: Fisherman from Tignish being inducted into Marine Industries Hall of Fame

Dennis Gaudet has been working the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence for more than 50 years, and now he’s being recognized for his life’s efforts. The Tignish, P.E.I., fisherman is being inducted into the Atlantic Canada Marine Industries Hall of Fame.,, Ruby Arsenault is a founding member of the Tignish Fishers’ Awards Banquet committee. Her committee nominated Gaudet. Arsenault said Gaudet is known throughout the community as somebody who is willing to lend a helping hand, especially to new fishermen. >click to read< 07:51

Dennis Gaudet was fishing at 12; he’s still loves the industry nearly 57 years later – He comes from a family of 13. There were seven sons and six of them became fishermen. Five of them still fish. A sixth, Laurie, died in a fishing boat accident nearly 24 years ago. Gaudet said there are inherent dangers in being a fisherman and said it’s best not to panic. Sometimes, the wind is blowing 25, 30 knots. “You’re being tossed around. You’re not panicking, but you’re always watching for everything. You’re on the edge, eh?” >click to read< 2/1.2020 11:27


Western Gulf fishermen bristle at other P.E.I. fisheries group resolution

The Western Gulf Fishermen’s Association has answered back to the Prince County Fishermen’s Association. Last week the PCFA voted in favour of a sending a motion to the annual meeting of the Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association next month in Charlottetown, calling on all lobster advisory committees in the province to work towards a uniform lobster carapace size. >click here to read< 11:43