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Fisherman drowned after being dragged overboard by ‘chain weight’

The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) concluded their fatal accident inquiry into the death of John Wilson who died almost three years ago. The inquiry found that the 64-year-old, who lived in St Abbs, was pulled overboard after his foot became entangled in a chain weight on August 28, 2021. Mr. Wilson was on board his boat the Harriet J near Meikle Poo Craig when the incident happened. Following the inquiry, the Sheriff recommended that crew members of single person operated fishing vessels should wear Personal Locator Beacons and Personal Floatation Devices at all times whilst at sea. Photos, more, >>click to read<< 14:38

Boat engineer, 20, died after toxic spray release

A dense white cloud of spray was released from the fire-extinguishing system

A 20-year-old apprentice engineer died after inhaling toxic fire extinguisher spray in the engine room of a fishing boat in Cornwall, an investigation has found. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) said Conor Moseley was on board as the fire-extinguishing system was being installed on the Resurgam, a scallop dredger, in Newlyn Harbour. The FirePro system was designed to suppress fire, but it also generated a spray which was hazardous to health when inhaled in significant quantities, a MAIB report said. The system was accidentally activated in the engine room as it was being installed. FirePro said it welcomed the MAIB report. more, >>click to read<< 08:36

Owners and skipper fined after trawler gas death in Fraserburgh

The owners and skipper of a fishing trawler have been fined following the death of a man who was overcome by gas on board.  William Ironside, 52, was one of five men who fell ill on the Sunbeam in Fraserburgh in August 2018. At Peterhead Sheriff Court the owners, Sunbeam Limited, were fined £220,000 while skipper James Duthie was ordered to pay £7,500. Duthie, 66, was also sentenced to 100 hours of unpaid work. In October 2018 the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) said it was a “tragic accident” which nearly resulted in multiple fatalities. >>click to read<< 14:52

Nicola Faith: Fishermen were probably ‘trapped on deck’ when boat capsized, inquest hears

Three fishermen who drowned probably died because they were trapped on deck when their boat capsized, an inquest has heard. Ross Ballantine, 39, Alan Minard, 20, and skipper Carl McGrath, 34, all died after the Nicola Faith fishing boat went down off the Conwy coast in January 2021. All three men’s bodies were recovered from the coastline off the Wirral and Blackpool in March 2021. The boat itself was discovered a month later on 13 April 2021, and was eventually raised in May 2021 using a 43m long crane barrage. A report following their deaths revealed the boat was not fit to sail, and there were “various faults” with the ship, including a lack of proper safety equipment. >click to read< 11:14

Lone fisherman who fell overboard and drowned was not wearing life jacket

Skipper John Wilson, 64, was alone on the Harriet J off the coast of the Scottish Borders when he fell into the water on the morning of August 28, 2021. A Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) report found he had probably become entangled in a chain weight in his fishing gear and was pulled through the open door for shooting fishing gear into the sea. The unmanned vessel motored away and shortly afterwards it passed close to another fishing boat, of which one of Mr Wilson’s relatives was the skipper. >click to read< 0855

Brixham trawler sank rapidly after capsizing off Devon coast

Government experts have completed their investigation into the sinking of a Brixham-registered trawler off the East Devon coast. The Angelena capsized and sank off Exmouth in June 2021, and the skipper was rescued unhurt from the water by a nearby military launch. The interim report published today says the steel-hulled stern trawler Angelena, which was built in 1988, sank just before midday on June 18 2021 around eight nautical miles southeast of Exmouth while its fishing gear was being recovered by the skipper, who was operating the vessel alone. The cod end was full of sand, mud and fish. >click to read<  19:38

Scots fisherman died after getting caught in gear and dragged overboard

A Scots fisherman who had more than 40 years of experience died after getting caught in fishing gear and dragged overboard, a probe into his death has found. Peter Gray was alone on his creel boat, Saint Peter, catching crab and lobster when the accident occurred on May 2, 2021, near Torness Point, Dunbar. Peter, 63, was accidentally pulled overboard by his ankle when trying to free tangled creels at some point between 8.30am and 10.30am, marine investigators found. The skipper was unable to reboard his vessel and spent up to 10 hours in the water, suffering a fatal heart attack at some point. >click to read< 11:27

Remembering the F/V Joanna C fishing boat tragedy on second anniversary

Today we remember the second anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Joanna C fishing boat off the Sussex coast near the port of Newhaven in which two fishermen lost their lives. On the morning of 21st of November 2020 6am HM Coastguard received a EPIRB alert located around three nautical miles at Seaford near Newhaven from the vessel Joanna C. Three fishermen were on board at the time of sinking, one of them was pulled out of the water and brought to shore by the Newhaven RNLI. Unfortunately, 2 other crew were lost at sea. Adam Harper, 26, from Brixham and Robert Morley, 38, from Pembrokeshire. 2 videos, >click to read< 09:57

F/V Joanna C: Fishermen deaths were accidental, inquest says

Two fisherman died accidentally when their trawler capsized and life raft failed to inflate, an inquest has concluded. The 45ft scalloping vessel capsized after getting snagged on whelk pots, the inquest at Hastings Coroner’s Court heard. Marine Accident Investigations Branch inspector Joanna Dorman told the jury: “We don’t know what would have happened had the life raft inflated. But we do know that it had an adverse effect on the chance of surviving.” Ms. Dorman also said the vessel had been modified since its last stability analysis in 1997, and that the stability was below the level it should have been. She described the vessel at the time of the accident as being “vulnerable” to capsizing. >click to read< 15:43

Training for new recruits needs to be extended says Seafish.

Simon Potten, Head of Safety and Training, discusses how local engagement and more training could be the key to making the fishing industry safer. During Maritime Safety Week (4-8 July) which was a great platform for raising national awareness of safety in the commercial fishing industry. We have been supporting Maritime Safety Week since it was started by the Department for Transport in 2018. In those five years there have been 23 deaths on commercial fishing vessels in the UK. Unfortunately, most of them came in 2021 when we tragically lost 10 fishermen. The worst year in over a decade for lives lost. Which is why I think Maritime Safety Week is more important this year than ever before. So, what can we do to make the fishing industry safer? >click to continue< 12:13

F/V Nicola Faith: The deadly mistakes that led to the boat capsizing and killing three men

A report into the death of three men who died in the Nicola Faith sinking tragedy has been published. The deaths sent shockwaves through the fishing industry after the boat capsized and sank. Carl McGrath, 34, Ross Ballantine, 39, and Alan Minard, 20, lost their lives on board the vessel after it left Conwy Harbour on January 27 last year. It later sunk 1.9 miles north of Rhos-on-Sea, near Colwyn Bay. The 58-page report, written by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) highlights a series of operational failings as Mr McGrath sought extra productivity in his bid to buy the boat outright. Here, below, we set out a timeline of events that led to the tragedy. It covers in detail the day of the boat’s disappearance and the subsequent search operation. >click to read< 12:40

Family of Robert Morley ‘bemused’ by F/V Joanna C tragedy report

Robert Morley’s stepdad and mother said the outcome of an investigation into the sinking of the F/V Joanna C had not given them the “peace of mind” they hoped for. Barry and Jackie Woolford are awaiting the inquest into Robert’s death to clear up a number of “anomalies”. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch report described how Robert was thrown from the boat as it capsized and he hung onto a lifebuoy before he eventually drowned. “We lost our son but we’re really none the wiser as to why. We know how but we don’t know why. “There are anomalies which we want to ask about at the inquest.” >click to read< 19:33

F/V Nicola Faith: Fisherman’s ‘harsh working conditions’ revealed in investigation

Carl McGrath, 34, Ross Ballantine, 39, and Alan Minard, 20, were on board the Nicola Faith when it left Conwy Harbour on January 27, 2021. It capsized and sank 1.9 miles north of Rhos-on-Sea. A report by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch found skipper Carl McGrath pushed his crew harder than most in search of greater productivity. Aged 34, Mr McGrath had been the boat’s skipper for some three years. Previously a builder and steel fabricator, he had had no fishing experience prior to skippering the Nicola Faith. Despite this, he had completed all mandatory fishing industry safety training courses. Neither had Ross Ballantine, 39, any prior experience of fishing before taking a job on the Nicola Faith, on which he had been working for about eight months. The youngest crew member was Alan Minard, 20, who had been crewing on Nicola Faith for just two weeks. >click to read< 14:00

F/V Johanna C: Life raft failure blamed after fishermen deaths

Two fishermen died after their trawler capsized and their life raft failed to inflate, a report has said. Investigators said the failure of the life raft “impacted” the chances of two men surviving after they were thrown into the water when the Joanna C sank in November 2020. One of the men in the water died, but the other was later rescued. A third crew member drowned after being trapped in the sinking boat, the Marine Accident Investigation Branch said. MAIB chief inspector Andrew Moll said: “Unfortunately, Joanna C’s ‘float-free’ life raft arrangements did not work as expected. >click to read< 10:38

F/V Nicola Faith investigation complete almost a year after wreck was raised

The investigation into the sinking Nicola Faith fishing boat which claimed the lives of its crew is now complete almost one year after the vessel was found. Carl McGrath, 34, Ross Ballantine, 39, and Alan Minard, 20, were on board the vessel when it left Conwy Harbour on January 27, 2021. The wreckage was lifted from the seabed last May in a two day operation before being transported to a secure location for further investigation. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch are due to report their findings in a report to be published in the coming weeks. >click to read< 09:08

Investigation launched into capsize of Peterhead-based trawler

An investigation is under way into the capsize of a Peterhead-based trawler, where one crew member died and three others were taken to hospital. The 78ft Njord had a total of eight crew members on board when it got into difficulty in the North Sea, about 100 nautical miles west of Stavanger in Norway. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has now confirmed an investigation has been officially launched to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident. >click to read< 08:45

Fishermen drowned after ‘unstable’ trawler capsized and sank despite rescuer efforts

The deaths of two fishermen who drowned after their boat sank on the west coast could have been avoided had the boat not been “intrinsically unstable”, a sheriff has ruled. Przemyslaw Krawczyk and Duncan MacDougall both died when the fishing boat they were working on, the Nancy Glen, capsized and sank in Loch Fyne on January 18, 2018. Skipper Mr MacDougall, 46, and crewman Mr Krawczyk, 38, both fathers and husbands who lived in Tarbert, were trapped on board and drowned when the trawler sank. A third fisherman, John Miller, raised the alarm and was the sole survivor after he was pulled from the water by the crew of a passing boat. >click to read< 15:16

F/V Joanna C: Sinking findings released year after tragedy

Experts investigating the sinking of the scalloper F/V Joanna C, which went down in November last year with the loss of two lives, have completed their investigation. The crew were recovering their fishing gear when the boat capsized, the interim report confirms. A full report is now being prepared on the incident in which Brixham fisherman Adam Harper and crewmate Robert Morley died. Skipper Dave Bickerstaff was rescued from the sea after hanging on to a lifebuoy for four hours after raising the alarm. >click to read< 13:17

F/V Nicola Faith: Families to set up charity to improve sea safety

Alan Minard, Ross Ballantine, and Skipper Carl McGrath died after their boat, the F/V Nicola Faith, sank off Colwyn Bay in January. Their relatives plan to work with organisations and launch a charity to improve safety at sea in their memory. “We will campaign and explore for change,” the men’s families said.,, Nathania Minard, mother of Alan Minard, the youngest crew member, said: “This is in the early stages, we’ve set ourselves a big task and we’re trying to take baby steps towards it. Video, >click to read< 08:50

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency to carry out unannounced inspections of fishing vessels across the UK.

The agency said that inspections are being carried out as part of ongoing work to improve fishing vessel safety in an industry recognized to be one of the most dangerous in the world. Since November 2020 there have been eight deaths in the industry including one in Shetland when a fisherman fell overboard from a local trawler in February. Between 2011and 2020 the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) reported 60 fatalities from UK fishing vessels. >click to read< 21:50

F/V Nicola Faith has been raised from sea off the coast of North Wales

F/V Nicola Faith vanished on January 27 along with its crew, which consisted of skipper Carl McGrath, 34, and his crewmates Ross Ballantine, 39, and Alan Minard, 20. It’s understood that the Nicola Faith will be taken ashore to a secure location for further examination before being prepared for a stability assessment. Asked when they saw the Nicola Faith raised out of the water, an eyewitness at the recovery told us that it was approximately 10.10am this morning. Video, photos, >click to read< 09:05 GOV.UKFishing vessel Nicola Faith recovered from seabed>click to read<

F/V Nicola Faith: recovery of the fishing vessel is underway off Colwyn Bay coast

A platform, which includes a large crane, can be seen in the water and will be used to help raise the sunken boat. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch began raising the boat on Sunday and expect it to be fully recovered by Monday afternoon. The Nicola Faith went missing with skipper Carl McGrath, 34, Ross Ballantine, 39, and Alan Minard, 20, on January 27. The bodies of all three men were discovered several months later. >click to read< , and >click here< 10:14

F/V Nicola Faith: Fishing vessel to be raised – MAIB investigation update

Since locating and identifying Nicola Faith in April, the MAIB has gathered and analysed dive survey data from the vessel. We now intend to raise the vessel so that an in-depth examination and stability analysis can be carried out. >click to read<  Missing Conwy fishing boat to be raised from sea bed – Familes of the crew members have been told about the plans to lift the vessel from the sea bed off the Welsh coast. “The vessel will be raised using a specially designed barge crane that has been chartered by MAIB,”  >click to read< 12:34

Tributes to Cove Fisherman Peter Gray, 64, who died at sea ‘doing the job he loved’

Lifeboat crews from Dunbar and St Abbs, a rescue helicopter from Prestwick and local fishing vessels joined the search for Peter Gray, of Cove, south-east of Dunbar. The 64-year-old dad-of-two and grandfather-of-two was located in the sea,,, His wife of 42 years Betty was very grateful to all the fishermen and volunteers who had joined the search for her husband. She told the Courier “he loved a holiday in the sun” but, as a fisherman, had “no time for hobbies”. Rev Dr. Suzie Fletcher said, “Peter Gray was one of the fifth generation of his family to fish from Cove, and had been out to sea doing the job he loved day in and day out for decades. His loss has left his family, the local community, many circles of fishermen and countless friends in shock. >click to read< 20:06

F/V Nicola Faith: Family of fishermen who died on sunken vessel donate £11,500 to RNLI

Family members of Carl McGrath, the skipper of Nicola Faith presented the gift to staff at Llandudno Station. The £11,500 was raised by family and friends of the three crew members who all died when the boat went missing off the coast of Conwy in January. The family met some of the volunteers who helped search for Carl and his two crewmates Ross Ballantine and Alan Minard. Llandudno RNLI volunteers, along with Rhyl, Conwy, Beaumaris and Hoylake RNLI crews collectively spent over 90 hours searching for the missing vessel. On Wednesday 5 May, Carl’s mum Julie, sister Lauren and partner Jake Cox said a personal thank you to the crew whilst handing over the donation. >video, photos, click to read< 10:17

Home and Dry: Safety campaign to get fishing crews ‘Home and Dry’ following deaths in Brixham

A safety campaign has begun to reduce the ‘alarming’ number of deaths among fishing crews. It comes as more than 10% of fatalities in the fishing industry over the last decade have happened in the last six months. In the past six months, seven fishermen across the country, including two on a trawler from Brixham, have lost their lives at sea. Six of the men who died ended up in the water.  Now the industry’s safety group is launching the Home and Dry campaign aims to help those on vessels stay safe by educating them on practices they can use to reduce risks. >Video, click to read< 08:12  Shetland fisherman’s death highlighted in new man overboard prevention campaign – The lives lost included Shetland fisherman Joseph Lacaste, 45, who died while working on the trawler Copious in February. >click to read<

F/V Nicola Faith: Expert says fishermen could have been saved

David Mearns, a chartered marine scientist, historical researcher, author, and expedition leader of deep ocean projects, confirmed the Nicola Faith has been found less than two miles out to sea in Colwyn Bay. Mr Means, owner and director of Blue Water Recoveries, said he and his team found the wreck using high-resolution solar imaging as as part of a privately-funded effort. The ship was later formally identified by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) and North Wales Police divers. But speaking on BBC Radio Wales, Mr Means outlined “alarming” findings and suggested there is “no reason” the boat was not found sooner, and that there is a “possibility” the men could have been saved. >click to read< 22:50

F/V Nicola Faith: The wreck discovered by the MAIB last week is confirmed as the missing fishing vessel

Today, MAIB inspectors attended the site of the wreck,1.9 nautical miles off Rhos Point, to identify the vessel. They were assisted by North Wales Police Underwater Search Team who undertook a comprehensive survey on behalf of the MAIB. As well as identifying the vessel, the survey gathered video evidence and information that will help inform our investigation and assist in understanding the reasons the vessel sank. After all the evidence has been reviewed, including imagery from the dive team, a decision will be made regarding the next steps to be taken as part of the ongoing investigation. >click to read< 09:31

MAIB Report – Flooding and sinking of Fishing Trawler Ocean Quest

On 18 August 2019 and about 70 miles north-east of Fraserburgh, the UK registered trawler, Ocean Quest, sank as a result of an engine room flood. The source of the flood has not been determined; however, it was almost certainly a result of shell plating or hull weld failure. The crew tackled the flood with fixed and portable pumps, but were not able to get the situation under control. The alarm was raised as soon as the flood was discovered, the crew were well prepared for the abandonment and all were rescued safely by a coastguard helicopter. >click to read< 12:32

F/V Nicola Faith: Crowd burst into applause fisherman’s funeral cortege travels through Welsh town

The Nicola Faith fishing vessel disappeared near Conwy on January 27. Its three crewmen, skipper Carl McGrath, 34, Ross Ballantine, 39, and Alan Minard, 20, were onboard at the time. An extensive search for the trio and their vessel was launched and the bodies of the three men were discovered at different coastal locations in England on three consecutive days in March. On Thursday, the funeral of Mr McGrath was held at St Mary’s Church in Conwy with restricted numbers due to ongoing Covid-19 guidelines, but many of his family and friends were able to pay tribute as his funeral cortege made its way through the town. >click to read< 07:38