Company to pay £100k after unsafe vessel sinks causing deaths of two fishermen

Laura D Fishing Ltd, a company operating fishing vessels from Brixham, has pleaded guilty to failing to take all reasonable steps to ensure that a vessel was operated in a safe manner, under Section 100(1) and100(3) of the Merchant Shipping Act 1995. On 21 November, 2020, Robert Morley, Adam Harper and David Bickerstaff were onboard the Joanna C, five miles south of Shoreham, when the vessel’s gear snagged on the seabed. The vessel’s lack of stability meant it could not recover, causing the Joanna C to rapidly sink. Out of the three crew members, only Mr Bickerstaff survived. Prior to the incident, Joanna C, owned by Laura D Fishing, had undergone a major refit in 2019, including the addition of a whaleback, extension of the wheelhouse and fitting raised bulwarks. These, along with other modifications, affected the stability of the vessel. more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 14:29

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