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‘We were never alone, the Coast Guard was always there with us’ — City celebrates Station Gloucester

As Gloucester 400+ committee members and speakers honored the long service of Coast Guard Station Gloucester during an Appreciation Day at the station Friday morning, rain and wind lashed the windows of the mess deck where the ceremony took place. As the squall intensified, the wind drove water under the outside door and onto the floor as if the small boat station on Harbor Loop were taking on water. Some said this symbolized the way Coast Guard Station Gloucester has been watching over Gloucester’s fishing fleet and boaters caught in storms since 1901. and station members appreciated being a part of America’s oldest seaport. Photos, >click to read< 11:52

Hundreds gather to remember those lost at sea

More than 200 people, many family and friends of fishermen who died at sea, listened to the stories of two men who each lost their brothers aboard the trawler Starbound over two decades ago, during the 2023 Fishermen’s Memorial Service along Stacy Boulevard on Saturday afternoon. They reminisced about fishermen who never returned in recent memory and those who died at sea during Gloucester’s 400-year history. Under increasingly cloudy skies against the backdrop of the Outer Harbor, those gathered around the the Man at the Wheel statute of the Fishermen’s Memorial listened to speakers paying tribute to the thousands of men whose names are on the cenotaph. 5 photos, >click to read< 14:15

Gloucester celebrates its finest kind

The launch of Gloucester Fisheries Heritage Month in the city’s 400+ anniversary year in front of the Fishermen’s Memorial on Stacy Boulevard on Tuesday evening celebrated the finest kind of the nation’s oldest fishing port. About 200 people cheered for the fishermen ages 80 and older who sat in the front row of chairs, and who were given a commemorative Gloucester 400+ medal as a way to honor them. “I couldn’t think of any better way to kick off this month than to honor the gentlemen here in front of me. I just want you to know you are all very near and dear to my heart,” said Al Cottone, a commercial fisherman and the executive director of the Gloucester Fisheries Commission. “You blazed the trail for what this industry is and hopefully what it will be in the future, and I just want to say thank you all, and today is for you.” 6 photos, >click to read< 07:47

Gloucester, Massachusetts to celebrate fishing heritage all month

The fishing community always comes together in times of trouble and disaster, but local leaders believe it is time for the community to come together to celebrate the city’s fishing heritage on the occasion of Gloucester’s 400+ anniversary year. In that spirit, August will be proclaimed the Gloucester Fisheries Heritage Month with a public kick-off event this Tuesday, Aug. 1, at 6 p.m. at the Man at the Wheel Statue on Stacy Boulevard along the Inner Harbor. The public is invited to be in attendance along with Mayor Greg Verga, leaders in the fishing community, Gloucester 400+ tri-chairs, and members of the Marine and Waterways Committee. A special commemoration will be presented to senior members of the local fishing fleet. >click to read< 09:52

Saying ‘goodnight’ to St. Peter

The 2023 St. Peter’s Fiesta concluded late Sunday night with a raucous procession around the waterfront Fort neighborhood where the working-class Sicilian and Italian fishing community first started Fiesta in 1927. About 1,000 people took a loop around the Fort before the statue of St. Peter was returned to St. Peter’s Club and its place of honor in a window looking out onto Rogers Street. Older residents, many young adults and a dad carrying his young daughter on his shoulders marched along and cried “Viva!” Video, photos, >click to watch< 10:58

Fiesta: ‘What we are all about’

After a couple of days of carnival rides and musical entertainment, and a day of competition among seine boat crews and Greasy Pole walkers, America’s oldest seaport in its 400th year gathered in St. Peter’s Square on Friday night to officially kickoff the 96th St. Peter’s Fiesta. The celebration by the city’s Italian-American fishing community in the Fort neighborhood dates to 1927 and is hosted by the St. Peter’s Fiesta Committee. It’s held each year on the weekend closest to the Feast Day of St. Peter. The committee’s president, Joe Novello, took to the massive outdoor altar that Novello, an electrician by trade, wired. In opening the weekend’s festivities, he spoke about the thousands who have gathered in the neighborhood over the years to celebrate Fiesta and shout “Viva San Pietro!” Photos, >click to read< 97:47

A Vision for My Polis

My “Vision for My Polis” is still fresh. Indeed, subsequent studies have revealed that my “Vision for My Polis,” with minor adaptations, would serve many other communities very well. That vision includes recommendations for physical developments that are (mostly) specific to Gloucester. The core of that vision, however, is concerned with social and economic relations that are of widespread interest. The core of that vision is concerned with the rejuvenation of the fishing industry in Gloucester. As current Mayor Greg Verga is fond of pointing out: The fishing industry is not dead, it is changing. This transformation would become more evident if we were to create a corporation to be named perhaps Gloucester Fish Inc. in accordance with principles of functional integration enunciated in “Fisheries Renewal: A Renewal of the Soul of Business.” >click to read< By Carmine Gorga, PhD 15:35

New Leadership at the Helm

Gloucester, Massachusetts, one of the oldest seaports in America has a new Mayor. Mayor Greg Verga was elected to take the helm of the City, and is aware of our problems and wants to help. He is reaching out to those in the seafood industry and will see what we can do as a team, I supported him and am confident he will help. He is the son of Antony Verga, who was our Fisheries Commissioner, and Massachusetts state representative that did a lot to help our fisherman. Regardless of who is in office we need to unite. Together we can do better. Sam Parisi, Gloucester, Massachusetts. 13:25