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This is a story of a long-haul lobster – we’ll call him Larry

Rockport lobsterman Larry Stepenuck was hauling traps aboard his F/V Amie. The 46-year-old, Essex-built wooden boat was sitting in about four fathoms of water at the southeast tip of Straitsmouth Island, just off the coast of Rockport. As one trap broke the surface and came to the rail, Stepenuck saw what appeared to be a larger-than-average male lobster nestled among a group of females. “It was a big boy,” Stepenuck, 73, said. “It was borderline,” Stepenuck said. “I think it was just under 5 inches. I still decided to throw it over.” But then his attention was drawn to a greenish plastic tag that encircled a knuckle,,, >click to read< 10:20