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This is Bryan Mires’ story: An improbable Seacor Power rescue after emergency locator failed

As he drifted for two hours in mountainous waves in the Gulf of Mexico, Bryan Mires kept thinking about his wife and daughter. He didn’t know whether he would live or die. But he was carrying an emergency transmitter to alert radio operators of his position, and he thought his chances depended on one of them detecting him. The first mate on the Seacor Power lift boat, Mires had boarded the vessel at Port Fourchon on April 13, bound with 18 other crew members for a Talos Energy offshore oil platform about 100 miles away near the mouth of the Mississippi River. Their job was to deliver equipment. >click to read< 15:07

New University of Houston graduate passes milestone without her beloved father

A bubbly personality and positive outlook quickly come across when you meet Sabrina Galloway. The University of Houston senior graduates in just days with a degree in elementary education and is getting married this fall. But many of her classmates may not have known the student beside them is a survivor.,,, In August of 2014, Sabrina was with her father, Ronnie Galloway Jr., on his shrimp boat in Galveston Bay. Her brother Cody and a deckhand were also there when a storm capsized their boat, the Mr. Anthony. Captain Galloway died. Sabrina was trapped in a compartment for hours and thought she was going to die. A charter boat fisherman cut a hole in the boat and stayed with her until she could be pulled out safely. Video, click here to read the story 16:31 a nice photo gallery also.

Giving Back: Leviathan II survivor finds way to thank Ahousaht First Nation

A Calgary couple who survived the whale-watching boat capsize off Tofino, B.C., last month say they’ve found the perfect way to thank the people of nearby Ahousaht, who rushed to the scene and pulled them from the frigid waters. Dwayne Mazereeuw and his wife were among 21 people on board the Leviathan II who were rescued. Five British nationals and a man from Australia died in the accident. Fishermen from the Ahousaht First Nation are credited with spotting the only flare the crew of the boat was able to deploy. “How do you ever thank someone,,, Read the rest here 07:53

Entombed at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, Harrison Odjegba Okene begged God for a miracle.

As the temperature dropped to freezing, Okene recited the last psalm his wife had sent by text message, sometimes called the Prayer for Deliverance: “Oh God, by your name, save me. … The Lord sustains my life.” To this day, Okene believes his rescue in May is a sign of divine deliverance. The other 11 seaman aboard the Jascon 4 died. Video and [email protected] 16:12