Nature is not a Whore!!!

We have incredible fishing grounds on our East Coast!!! Why destroy a renewable sustainable Resource??? Molesting these grounds by dumping massive amounts of construction materials on them is insane!!! Keep in mind the many rules the EPA has against ocean dumping!!! Not to mention the likely hood of them turning into a Dumping Ground after they become useless… Out of sight out of mind!!! What wonderful habitat the Turbine bases will make for the Green Crabs ocean Locust!!! We can’t forget about the Whales… The European Wind Farms do not see a significant Whale migration… What aren’t they saying??? >click to read< 09:41

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    Aren’t you supposed to be dead? I like what you’re saying! Things could sneak up on us like the Seals and Great Whites!
    How are those Iguana treating you down there? Fire up the Barbie!
    Welcome to the living Capt.


    Much like Sammy Clemen’s my demise was greatly exagerated… Iguana’s poor bastards are dying of lead posioning around here…No barbie they taste like Tilapia!!! This red-tide is real sad, thanks for nothing Janie!!!

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