Well, hush my puppies! Georgia Con groups boycott New England Lobster Industry

Maine’s lobster industry is keeping a wary eye on a consumer boycott launched in the state of Georgia. Conservation groups there charge that New England’s lobster gear and trap-rope risk entangling and killing endangered right whales, and they say seafood lovers should choose other options. Alice Keyes, the coastal conservation director for an organization called 100 Miles, so-named for Georgia’s hundred-mile shoreline. The campaign is called “Eat Local, Not Lobster”. “I hope consumers are smarter than falling for these false campaigns,” says Patrice McCarron, the Maine Lobstermen’s Association executive director. >click to read< 09:25

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  1. Sam Parisi says:

    For your info ,the biggest cause is my Cruise Ships and Freighters not the lobsterman or fisherman ,and as a matter of fact right whales are making a come back ,these people make me sick ,always looking to put the blame on us .


    You missed your calling you’re over a decade late… You should of been boycotting Dr. Jane Lubechenco while she was spraying the hell out of the Gulf of Mexico with poison COREXIT… What a wonderful combination of Crude Oil and Corexit… Remember also The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill and COREXIT… THE GIFT that keeps on GIVING!!! Ask them abot their Herring Fishery and it’s robust Estuaries… At least Hazelwood was sh*t faced, what was you excuse Dr. COREXIT???


    I would think you’d be more concerned about issues local to you… Red-Tide, now there’s something you can thank Dr. Jane Lubechenco for!!! She’s the one that allowed COREXIT (POISON) to be used in and around the Gulf of Mexico Deep Water BP OIL SPILL!!!


    https://gulfresearchinitiative.org/study-explains-how-oil-spills-can-initiate-harmful-algal-blooms/ STRIPEDBASSHOLE

  4. Capt Rob says:

    So why would consumers be “smart enough “to know about the Maine Lobster industry when they still believe Orange man still won the election.


    So Rob or is Ron??? I was talking Red-Tide, any issues with that 100 mile of coast there??? Are you color blind or inept???
    Since you’re talking non-sense, are you looking for a job… The new Ronald Mcdonald perhaps, that’s the only current orange guy I know of… The McLobster roll will be here before you know it… Good luck pumpkin!!!

  6. Sam Parisi says:

    With all the inventors we have wouldn’t be great to invent something that would make whales stay away from lobster and crab gear .That would solve the problem ,that must be away to make everyone happy ,food for thought Sam


    That is so true Sam… Remember the “Gillnet PINGERS” for the Porpoise and Seals… Many creatures have Sonar capabilities!!! What if we added metallic threads to the Groundlines??? What kind of feedback would that get??? Add a little redundancy signaling and breakaway links… They may even learn to associate the two together through experiance… THEY’RE PRETTY DAMN SMART YOU KNOW???

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