No Ocean Industrialization: Shut coal power plants would be ripe for new generation of small nuclear reactors

Recently shut U.S. coal-fired power plants could serve as sites for a new generation of small nuclear reactors, the head of the nation’s largest public power utility and a U.S. senator from West Virginia said on Wednesday. “I see those sites as very viable small modular reactor (SMR) sites,” Jeff Lyash, president and chief executive of the TVA,,, Shut coal power plants would be ripe for SMR development because of their available water resources and existing power grid connections, Lyash said. SMRs are regarded by some as a critical carbon-free technology that power grids will need to supplement intermittent sources like wind and solar.  >click to read< 13:52

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    With around a 100 Nuclear powered Naval Ships currently protecting our Nation!!! How safe do you think Nuclear Power is??? We’ve had millions of active service people, yet I don’t recall a major issue of cancer related sickness befalling our Naval Service people…
    One great reputation of America and the rest of the free worlds’ ingenuity is we’re always making things bigger and better… Where would we be without the likes of Madame Curie???
    NUCLEAR needs a good look, and a more realistic reputation!!!
    What would Elon Musk say??? -over- STRIPEDBASSHOLE


      On a lighter note I heard Hunter Biden was on vacation in Bjieing China… In fact he was on a real tote!!! He started growling and clawing at the ground pretending that he was a Bear!!! People were frieghtened and the Police were called and he was arrested!!!
      What was he charged with???


    Lizzie Borden Vs. Lizzie Warren who would win a WOOD chopping contest??? The Tomahawks would have to be equal in stature and size… Lizzie B. was 5′ 4″ and 200lbs. Lizzie W. 5′ 8″ and 57 kg.
    Not much of a match… Lizzie Warren could surely tell a taller tale I’m sure!!!
    It ain’t easy being green regards,
    P.S. What’s the last thing that goes through an Iguana’s mind when he eats one of my Plantains??? Well he wasn’t mis-lead…

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