Fed Right whale plan could mean lobster industry changes – a reinvention of the fishery as we know it

Federal officials recently released plans,,, But it’s the risk reduction target, an aggressive 98 percent, that Maine Department of Marine Resources officials said means only one thing, “a complete reinvention of the fishery as we know it.” The conservation framework, an addition to the 582-page biological opinion, creates a four-phased approach to all but eliminate the death and serious injury of the whales in federally managed fishing grounds. The first phase calls for a 60 percent reduction in right whale deaths and serious injuries this year. Patrice McCarron, Maine Lobstermen’s Association, fears the industry can’t sustain that level of change.  “If you look at the changes we’ve made over the last 25 years, there’s not a lot left to give,”, >click to read< 10:27

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    Yet with this totally blind folded move to Green Energy which will allow miles of High Voltage lines for miles… Lines that have a plastic or rubber coating insulation not Lead shielding that blocks EMF effecting bottom dwelling creatures like Lobster and especially Sand Lance which live right in the Sand and Gravel… Sand Lance the quintessential forage fish are food for nearly 100 different ocean species, Birds to Whales!!! Research on this major food source is limited as are the effects of EMF in the marine environment!!!


    Hey Max, do you just care about right Whales??? What about the Minkes’, Finback, Humpback, etc… You know the meat eaters, how much Sand Lance do they depend on???
    Whale migrations, why have the European Wind-farms never seen a major Whale migration??? How did the Right Whales handle getting by Block Island and their little 30kv Wind-farm this year??? That’s less then one-tenth of the power coming from a real Wind-farm!!! Running High Voltage lines on the bottom of the ocean is still a major nature altering event!!! Out of sight, mind, and then your wallet!!!
    Panacea or Pandora’s Jar??? Regards -SBH-


    Alright Max you have me extremely curious what makes you keep going RIGHT??? Wind-Turbines and Right Whales you can’t have it both ways!?! So which acronyms have the Deepest Pockets??? So Knock three times on the Ceiling if it’s RODA the meager-lil-maligner??? or twice on the Pipes if your still in bed with CLF and EDF???

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