Mills signs offshore wind ban amid lingering skepticism from fishermen

LD 1619, sponsored by Sen. Mark Lawrence (D-Eliot), stipulates new offshore wind developments are permanently prohibited in state waters, but will be permitted in federal waters if, by March 2023, the Governor’s Energy Office develops and proposes a planned research strategy,, Her original plans were met with protest from hundreds of Maine lobstermen who warned of the potentially disastrous impacts new, non-researched wind power developments would have on Maine’s fishing industry. Even now, the law has been met with some criticism. >click to read< 13:52

One Response to Mills signs offshore wind ban amid lingering skepticism from fishermen


    Don’t forget the High Voltage Power-Line pumping over 500,000 Volts with little to no EMF shielding… A properly shielded Power-Line. would be cost prohibited… Check-out Block Islands 40 K Volt Power-Line… Micheal Pierdinock surveyed the Power-Line 40,000 Volts about one-tenth of the 400,000 to 500,000 Volt Power-Line from a real Wind-farm… There were no visible Fish… Do you know what EMF is??? Look into loss of Dairy Production, Mutations, Still Born… The Mink Farmers in Denmark can describe their own nightmares!!!
    Oh, did you realize there’s a ton of Hydro-power ready to be wired in from Canada… Working smart and common sense???—-SBH–

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