Biden Harris Admin scheme to buy off/ buy out, displace the fishing industry for offshore wind farms!

The Biden administration is considering ways to ensure the U.S. commercial fishing industry is paid for any losses it incurs from the planned expansion of offshore wind power in the Atlantic Ocean, according to state and federal officials involved in the matter. Discussions between state and federal officials, which participants described as being at a very early stage, are aimed at addressing the top threat to President Joe Biden’s efforts to grow offshore wind, a centerpiece of his clean energy agenda to fight climate change. Commercial fishing fleets have vehemently opposed offshore wind projects,,, >click to read< 09:55

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  1. Joel H says:

    We’re from the government and we’re here to help. Some of the most dangerous words In the english language. Just ask native Americans. Just how are they going to compensate businesses down the food chain? Plus crewmen on the boats, how will that get figured out?

    Here’s a scenario that I can see playing out. The industry will be promised the world. The construction of this nightmare starts and it becomes apparent that there’s going to be a big problem within the ecosystem. It’s brought to the attention of the government and the wind industry, which with this idiotic administration is one and the same.
    The alarms are sounded. But wait, we have to do a study that will take years to complete. All the while the construction continues, except the developers find that their cost estimates to build these pieces of shit are woefully underestimated. The industry has been told that they will be compensated because their grounds have been destroyed.
    Then low and behold the companies who have been stuffing the contribution boxes of the empty suit useless piece of shit politicians say if they are forced to make mitigation payments they will be out of business. The politicians of course can’t let this happen, after all, the cash thrown at them by the wind industry is massive, while the peon fishermen don’t have a snowballs chance in hell to compete.

    Bottom line, money talks and bullshit walks. The old shit sandwich story. The more bread you got….the less shit you have to eat.
    Excuse my language but it enrages me to see this going on.

    As they say, elections have consequences.
    I hope I’m wrong.

    • - Moderator says:

      Too bad Big Blow Joe can’t figure out where he is,,, So, here is an industry that has not generated a nickel, has many elected officials, state, and Federal politicians, whom are in full green “energy” erection mode, that are going to purchase the commercial fishing industry with ratepayer pilfered moneys with a big green thumbs up. Right up the citizens rectums. My Senators are not in good standing.


    Well said Joel…. Just a little strife imitating life!!! Hope I find you well!!!!
    Haven’t missed the roadies:
    #CALAMITYJANE and such!!!

  3. Aaron says:

    You can’t eat electricity!!


    Obama absconded with our common property gave the resident fishermen the BOOT… It wasn’t a hostile take over, just a little paper and ink took our Common Property and substantially benefited not an American Economy!!!
    Too many questions remain before we destroy our pristine Oceans. Rapidly moving these projects along is reckless and moronic!!!
    Did I hear there will be a big COVID PARTY down the Cape!?!

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