Potter’s Seafood carries on the “historic heritage” of Southport

The small yellow building tucked in the corner of Southport’s Yacht Basin represents what’s left of the once prominent and bustling seafood industry in the town. The building is home to Potter’s Seafood, an institution in Southport that’s been selling local seafood since 1899. Royce Potter is carrying on the family tradition as the fifth generation of Potters to catch and sell seafood along the waterfront of Southport. The town, located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, once revolved around the fishing industry but now relies on tourism and Potter’s is the last of its kind. Video, photos, >click to read< 10:22

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  1. Joel H says:

    I’d like to thank Fishery Nation for bringing us stories such as these. We are loosing our heritage as a nation and stories like this need to be told.
    You guys are the only place I know of that bring these American families and businesses to light, and I for one enjoy the hell out of knowing that there are people and families that persevere through everything that is thrown at them, be it the government, radical environmental groups, or just Mother Nature.
    Kudos to you also for being able to persevere the storms that you deal with and bring us stories such as these for so many years.

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