Wally Gray Sr. makes an emotional appeal at the 6/20/2013 NEFMC meeting

Listening to the webinar of the NEFMC meeting today during the VMS report, Wally Gray Sr. was invited to make a public comment at the end of the presentation.

He lost his son, Captain Wally Gray Jr, F/V Foxy Lady II and deck hand Wayne Young. The vessel was last pinged on 12/15/2012 about 15 miles north of Provincetown Saturday evening, when its vessel monitoring system (VMS) transmitter automatically sent out the boat’s location. The vessel was reported missing 12/17/2012.

What he said made a lot of sense, and it is something that can be implemented right now. Use the VMS as a tool for safety.

He pointed out that VMS is used for enforcement issues in real-time with penalty’s, and the VMS could have given S and R and at sea fishermen a chance to find these guys at the time.

There is no reason that this VMS should not be used today as a tool to save time in the life and death struggle of fishermen in trouble. Fisherynation.com

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