Orange County Fisherman Devastated By Oil Spill – Big questions loom for local fishing industries.

Orange County, California sea urchin and lobster fishermen were shut down from crude oil leak in Huntington Beach. This happened at the start of the season after gear was deployed and before any resources were harvested.  The CDFW has shut down all local fisheries. This is devastating financially and fishermen have nowhere to turn. One local sea urchin divers wife started a Go-Fund-Me campaign to help ease the pain of uncertainty facing them. CDFW will have to go through a process of scientifically testing lobster and sea urchins to see if there are any contamination issues. Although the beaches have opened, the public safety concerns will take precedence over visible observations. Please help these folks get through these uncertain events by sharing or donating to their survival through this Go-Fund-Me campaign organized by Kimberley Crumley.  >click here to read<, and please donate if you can. 16:25

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