Experts Slam Biden’s Plan To Build Taxpayer-Funded Offshore Wind Farms

Energy experts criticized President Joe Biden’s plan to prioritize wind farms, arguing wind power is costly, inefficient, and indirectly produces greenhouse gas emissions.,, On average, however, offshore wind produces just 45% of its energy capacity,,, “It is amazing that they’re touting wind at the very time when the EU is going through an energy crisis, in which they’re shutting down factories, fertilizer production, agricultural processing because their wind isn’t working,” ,,,“That the Biden administration is out there touting it and we want to go in the same direction they’ve gone in, I don’t know, you can’t make this stuff up,” >click to read< 21:08  Britain to Downgrade Renewables, Embrace Nuclear Power –  In the wake of Britain’s recent catastrophic wind drought, the Boris Johnson administration appears set to embrace nuclear power as their main strategy for achieving net zero. >click to read<

3 Responses to Experts Slam Biden’s Plan To Build Taxpayer-Funded Offshore Wind Farms


    WE have Hydro-power in Canada that basically needs
    a few Fire breaks in Maine for some Power-lines needed to be plugged into the Plants… They’ll be a little Chaine-Saw smoke attached to some good paying jobs!!! Other than that we’re talking pretty damn GREEN!!!
    I think BH knows where that link is???

  2. Joel H says:

    The Biden administration is hell bent on destroying the American way of life.
    Ready, fire, aim. I’m going to be sick.

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