COP That Wind & Solar: Nuclear Power Drives French Renewables Resistance

The French already get more than 70% of their power from nuclear plants. Now, thanks to a massive month-long wind power output collapse, that proportion is destined to increase. Following Europe’s ‘disastrous’ wind drought, that saw wind power output plummet throughout most of September and into October, and early November, the need for reliable power was never more keenly felt. Eager to avoid being locked into Russian gas supplies, like his German neighbours, French President, Emmanuel Macron has decided to reverse France’s policy of winding down its nuclear power generation fleet in favour of wind and solar, backed up with costly to run gas-fired plants. >video, click to read< 18:00

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    Nuclear deserves a fair review!!! In the U.S. alone nearly a 100 Nuclear Powered Vessels have been our main defense for many decades!!! Hundreds of thousands of people have spent their service time on these Vessels without incident under normal conditions!!!
    Look into Michael Shellenberger he was about as NO-NUKE as you could be in his younger days!!! See what he has to say now a days…
    People have little or no idea what goes into Manufacturing!!! You don’t just choke out the Electric Generator and flip on a switch especially depending on weather conditions!!! It takes Coal to make Steel now!!!

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