St. John’s company’s technology a game-changer for the wheelhouse

Trawlmaster allows fishing captains to see where shrimp are congregating, and spot problems with gear. Daniel Genge keeps his eye on a computer monitor that gives him “eyes” underwater. As the shrimp trawl moves through the water, he can actually see the shrimp are moving into the sock-like net and how the trawl is behaving. Having the underwater visual has been a game-changer,,, While the technology being used by Genge is just attracting the attention of the East Coast fishing industry, customers in the United States have already embraced it, said Brad Henderson. “We had a lot of success in Washington and Oregon state,” he said, explaining that in those states they fish a different kind of shrimp, which “clump up” more. Video, >click to read< 12:08

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