New England’s Cod Quota Drops Again! The Problem Could Be a R/V Bigelow Trawl Issue

To whom this may concern. The Northeast Trawl Advisory Panel has been working on the overspreading issue and their solution is to put a restrictor rope between the doors to keep them from overspreading the net. This is not a realistic solution, as different depths need different lengths of wire, also one door striking a big rock, or any hang would affect the track of the other door. My question is why is overspreading occurring?!! >click to read<, Respectfully, Captain Sam Novello, Gloucester, Mass 22:23

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  1. Sam Novello is experienced fisherman ,and knows a lot about nets ,and has fished alongside of the Brigalow and caught much more fish then them .The other issue is were and when to set you set your nets fish look for bait ,and could be plentiful one day and gone the next .The bottom line there is to it to determine for bait and could be in a certain area and the next they there gone

  2. Government vessels should never be doing stock assessments. EVER! This work should be done by real fishermen on real fishing vessels with time proven techniques that work. Let the government bean counters do their job, just take away the questions that have always existed about whether or not the surveys can be trusted.
    Everyone knows that every vessel ever used and their gear built to conduct surveys has been a joke. This is the only way to have any trust in the results moving forward.
    Add to that the cost of doing this work on these vessels that are not designed for doing trawling work. I’ve been told by very reliable sources that the Bigelow routinely burns up to 100,000 gallons of fuel per research trip! This is a massive waste of taxpayer dollars to do a job who’s results are basically useless.
    We’ve been told by this administration that we need to reduce our carbon emissions across the board. Well Brandon, if you’re going to talk the talk, it’s time you walked the walk.
    It’s my belief that the government has been destroying the fishing industry intentionally in order to take over our oceans and their resources in order to promote their own money grubbing agendas and pay off the multi national businesses and organizations that are taking over our nation and our lives. All being made possible by the empty suit scum of the earth politicians who are selling our country out.

  3. Rocky Novello says:

    Noaa’s Brotherhood Just Grows & Grows While Commercial Fishing Shrinks & Shrinks ! The Commercial Fishing Industry Made Noaa Fisheries Into A Multi-billion Entity,But Noaa Fisheries Gives No Respect To Commercial The Fishing Industry, Just takes & TAKES

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