Maine wants whale protections delayed

Maine’s governor and congressional delegation are calling on the federal government to push back new fishing rules designed to protect whales so fishermen can comply with them. New lobster fishing rules require fishermen to start using weakened rope or special inserts to weaken existing rope beginning in May in some waters. They said a lack of compliant gear is making it hard for harvesters to comply with the rules. >click to read< 07:27

One Response to Maine wants whale protections delayed

  1. Jason Andrew Taylor says:

    These measures are complete crap , I lost complete trawls 15 trap by using 5/16 on the top of my lines . And using sink rope, half way is to keep it floating around fully suspended in the water column , these measures arnt for the whales at all their specific to keep surface waters clear , this is all for the shipping industry not whale conservation at all .

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