fleet rationalization, a big part of the catch shares scam

The following direct quotes are from “Assessing the Potential for LAPPs in US Fisheries.doc “. This document proves that the big green mafia and their puppets at NMFS & the NEFMC knew all about the devastating job destroying results of catch shares, which we are now experiencing here on Mass Bay!

Part-time fishing jobs were also lost when the fisheries shifted to LAPP management. This was largely a result of fleet rationalization, which necessitated a 60 percent decrease on
average of crew positions in the LAPP fisheries

 In addition, fishing heritage within some communities was lost as fishermen gained the economic incentive – and means – to retire.

One group sure to be able to retire early will be the useful idiots aka the propaganda puppets, the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fish Association. They probably can afford vacation homes in the Caribbean, with the cash windfall they got from the Catch Shares scam, and the millions of pounds of additional quota they scored (and sell)! They worked the system from the inside, from the very beginning.

quota ownership consolidation (measured as a percent of  owners in the initial LAPP year relative to five years  post-LAPP) changed somewhat more due to rationalization.

it appears that statutory concentration limits have significantly limited fisheries’ ownership concentration

Why don’t we have any statutory concentration limits in New England? They knew what would happen without this, and allow it to happen anyway!

Local lending capacity can be developed, allowing communities to break up over-concentration. Fishermen funds can enable fishermen to afford a quota. In addition, tools such as subsidized quota purchases and Justice Department interventions have been considered.

For some reason, I just can’t see Eric Holder coming to the defense of the fishermen whose lives are being ruined by NMFS and their EDF/UN jobs destroying  fisheries agenda!