PEW ENVIRONMENT: Historic Moment for Menhaden – Spreading the Fertilizer

The following was published by Lee Crockett, the Director of US Fisheries Campaigns for the Pew Environment Group.

Analysis: Warning of a “depleted” menhaden stock and a population that has “plunged nearly 90 percent over the past 25 years,” Lee Crockett, Pew Environment Group’s Director of US Fisheries Campaigns, paints a bleak picture of the current Atlantic menhaden population. But, by leaving out several important pieces of information, Crockett’s portrait is exaggerated and one-sided. Along with a similarly misleading petition  from Northeast Fisheries Program Director Peter Baker, Pew’s most recent op-ed is part of a continuing pattern of selectively omitting relevant facts about menhaden. Examining these omitted facts reveals a situation that is much less dire than Pew suggests.

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