On the CBS Evening News: Cod fishermen say limits on their catch threaten their livelihoods

130724-Al_Cattone_244x183(CBS News) GLOUCESTER, Mass. — On a bright summer day, you would expect the waters off Massachusetts to be filled with fishing trawlers looking for cod. But this year, many of the boats are staying in port — and the crews fear their way of life may be slipping away. For 400 years, cod dominated New England’s fishing industry. It was central to the economy of Gloucester, Mass. Al Cattone has fished here for three decades. “It’s the only job I’ve ever had,” he said. “I started when I was 12 — summers  fishing with my dad. And once I graduated high school, I started full-time.” [email protected]

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    Babbling John Bullard: “The water temperatures are warming,” he said. “Cod and many other species are moving north, they’re moving east. If we are going to rebuild these stocks, we still to have to limit how many fish can be taken.”

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