Letter: Time for fishermen to stand united – Sam Frontiero, Gloucester, Ma

gdt iconIt saddens me and makes me angry after reading the quotes from Joe Orlando and Christine Sherman in the Times (Page 1, Wednesday, July 31). I have sent numerous letters to Obama and even his wife. Who knows if they even see them. But Michelle sent back totallly disregarding what I wrote, sending a generic response and a website to see all the good their administration has done. I thought he would make a change and to listen to him talk about jobs, makes me puke. And I voted for him. [email protected]

  • Chris Scola

    The government doesnt care about fishermen. We are nothing more than a nuisance that needs to be eradicated so the corporate scum that really control this country can have absolute control over every aspect of our lives including total power over all of the food we eat. It seems that the only thing the government does respond to is lawsuits. Perhaps the industries best tactic is to force both the feds and engos into a battle of attrition by wearing them down through a course of non stop litigation