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A heritage plundered and abandoned – 70 years of complicity from Canadian governments

My Feb. 20 letter to the editor, “A heritage plundered and abandoned,” attempted to show how governments have allowed our fishing industry to be destroyed, because an armada of modern foreign fishing fleets were permitted unregulated access to the Grand Banks.,, One insightful response to the letter was, “we can write letters until ‘we are blue in the face,’ but nothing will happen, nobody listens or shows interest.”,,, Our house is burning, and we are caught inside. By Phil Earle, >click to read< 10:37

If the info comes from some enviro group, its good! Info from the lobster fishermen? Not good!

We’re out fishing for news as always, and we never know what we’ll find. Saw this letter to the editor: Whales, and realized this letter is a by-product of the enviro group anti-fishing campaign.,,, From the letter, In the editorial you say, “According to the Maine Lobstermen’s Association analysis of data …” Seriously? We are going to rely on their analysis to risk the extinction of a highly evolved mammal? The editorial further reads, “Only 8 percent (of right whale deaths) resulted from entanglement in trap or pot fishing gear,,, >click to read< 11:34

Letter to the Editor: (and the rest of the world) Urging Action on Seal Population Control

The exploding seal population is a consequence of the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act, which allowed for the rapidly growing seal overpopulation. Seals attract great white sharks, which feed upon them and ferociously attack humans. We once had a thriving fishing industry, kept healthy in part by a bounty system of predator control. That ended in 1972 with the passage of the protection act, which not only lifted the bounties on fish-eating predators like seals, but placed them under perpetual protection, immune from mitigation. Now fully recovered, the seal population has grown beyond what any reasonable person would consider healthy. Ron Beaty >click to read< 07:15

Letter to the Editor: Redefining a commercial fisherman

According to a N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) release, at the N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission (MFC) meeting last November in Kitty Hawk, there was a motion by Commissioner Chuck Laughridge to, “Ask the chairman to appoint a committee of commission members to develop a definition of a commercial fisherman, with staff support from the Division of Marine Fisheries, to bring an update back to the commission at its February 2018 meeting.”,, So why is MFC Commissioner Chuck Laughridge wanting to define what has already been defined? Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time the MFC has attempted to define, or rather redefine a commercial fisherman. The real question is why? >click here to read< 09:45

A knowledgable fisherman’s words fall on deaf ears – THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE COD!

In response to John Gillett, Inshore fisherman from Twillingate, letter of December 8th, published in the telegram, “There’s something wrong with cod”. This is one of many he has written over the years, a very will spoken, and knowledgeable fisherman and sad to say his letters like many others have fallen on deaf ears. Although this Province has survived on the wealth of the ocean and is our hope for the future, we are unable to elect politicians, both Federal and Provincial, who are willing to try and get this great resource back on track so that the children of John Gillett and myself and others can have a bright future and stay in this Province. The fishery is in a mess and I don’t see any politician willing to take this on. (Ret) Capt. Wilfred Bartlett Green Bay South [email protected] 20:11

Letter to the Editor: Cashes Ledge must be protected from fishing – Betsy Fecto, Portland

cashes ledge closedCashes Ledge is currently afforded the protection and conservation measures of the Magnuson-Stevens Act. Public hearings have been held throughout New England to help decide whether Cashes Ledge should continue to be closed to the harvesting of groundfish or opened with some restrictions. Scientists, researchers, fishermen and others have shared their future visions of Cashes Ledge. Read the rest here 09:55

Letter to the editor of Fishery Nation

Fishermen In Alaska Should Be Nervous As A Dartmouth College Girl About Community Fishing Associations Acting Like The New Nice Guy In Town. Yes the new nice guy in town is the Community Fishing Association  Read more here in the Art of the Rant 12:49

Letter to the editor: Fisherman’s letters deserve answers – Sam Parisi, Gloucester

gdt iconI believe that fisherman Paul Cohan is right on target every time I read something he has written in the Times (Letters, “Fishery time lines a recipe for failure,” Wednesday, Sept. 11). He makes a lot of sense. However, it’s too bad that he — or we — can’t make NOAA listen to our pleas. And, I think, since they are paid from our tax money and have a job, why should they care about our fishermen? [email protected] 22:04

Letter: Time for fishermen to stand united – Sam Frontiero, Gloucester, Ma

gdt iconIt saddens me and makes me angry after reading the quotes from Joe Orlando and Christine Sherman in the Times (Page 1, Wednesday, July 31). I have sent numerous letters to Obama and even his wife. Who knows if they even see them. But Michelle sent back totallly disregarding what I wrote, sending a generic response and a website to see all the good their administration has done. I thought he would make a change and to listen to him talk about jobs, makes me puke. And I voted for him. [email protected]

SitNews – Viewpoints: Letters / Opinions Misinformation about halibut catch sharing plan by Tom Gemmell

There has been a lot of misinformation going around about the halibut catch sharing plan (CSP).  In an effort to correct this the Halibut Coalition  prepared a commentary on Mr Medred’s article in the Alaska Dispatch published on July 20 and other online publications. [email protected]

Letter: Richard Gaines, a true journalism original Mark Leibovich – Washington, D.C. Chief national correspondent, New York Times Magazine

gdt iconRichard Gaines gave me my first job in journalism.

I was right out of college, and he was looking for an assistant. He was nice enough to meet with me, and then take a flier on a 23-year-old kid with not a day of journalism experience.

I loved reading The Phoenix back then. I was a fledgling political junkie, and the Phoenix was all over politics — none more so than its legendary editor, Richard Gaines, [email protected]

Letter to the Editor: Plenty of fish in the sea? Not in Cape Cod’s seas, Fritz Lauenstein, Dennisport Ma. (if it were only this simple)

My grandmother recounted how she and Grandpa used to row down to Nauset Inlet below Fort Hill and catch market cod. As a kid I used to be able to catch them off the backside. In the ’80s I jigged cod in 80 feet by hand for a summer job. [email protected]

Editor: RTI dumping can’t be ignored. R. Burkosky – CFV BC MAID ll

As an elected representative for the commercial gillnet fishing fleet, I want to caution the public not to accept an Environment Canada whitewash of this obviously serious situation. [email protected]

Letter to the Editor: Writer’s rhetoric offensive to fishermen – Russell A. Sherman, Captain, F/V Lady Jane, Gloucester

gdt iconI found the letter submitted by Mr. Smith of Manchester (the Times, Thursday, May 9) not only misinformed but offensive. Early on, Mr. Smith seems to tip his hand as an acolyte of the Conservation Law Foundation, quoting from the balderdash that this ersatz environmental group continually puts forth. continued

Letter to the Editor: Chesapeake Bay pollution can’t be ‘soaked up’ with oysters – Lynton S. Land, Ophelia, Va.

Tom Toles’s May 10 editorial cartoon suggested, based on a May 6 Metro article, that oysters can significantly improve Chesapeake Bay water quality. They can’t. Sufficient numbers of oysters can’t be grown to make any meaningful difference. continued

Letter to the Editor: Bullard’s spin on fishery doesn’t hold water – Sam Frontiero, Gloucester Ma.

gdt iconAfter reading his letter, and following his actions, it shows just how destructive the views of NOAA Northeast Administrator John Bullard are. Throughout history, people leave their legacies, and his, I believe, will be as the tyrant that took down the fishing industry which has been around since the beginning of time. His orders on catch limits are taking down all related jobs and crippled so many families — all because of his so-called power. continued  Bullard’s letter

Letter To The Editor :An uphill challenge for commercial fishermen – Alison Tomlinson Willis, Harkers Island, N.C.

Carteret County News-Times – My name is Alison Tomlinson Willis. I am originally from Raleigh. I now live in Harkers Island, but until a few years ago, my family owned and operated Mayview Convalescent Center for over 50 years in Raleigh. Thus, I was not born into a commercial fishing family. I choose to join one. I have been welcomed into a unique way of life, filled with a dominating sense of community and filled with heritage and a love for the water. My husband, Eddie Willis, is a fourth generation commercial fisherman. continued

Letter to the Editor: RE: The Truth about the Herring – By Sam Bergeron, Ketchikan, Alaska

SitNews – Terri Wenger Anderson thinks if you call someone names their argument will be moot. Turns out the guy,,,continued

Letter to the Editor: Fishermen deserve the chance to earn a living – Rick Beal, Gloucester Ma.

I’m writing because I’m tired of the misinformation I hear and read in coffee shops, on websites and in newspapers. Even our local newspaper had an online ad from the PEW Foundation saying we destroy the ocean floor. Most but not all that is false. The vast majority of the ocean bottom we fish is sand and mud and while it is true that our nets disturb this bottom, it is also true that currents erase our footprint. continued

Letter to the Editor: NOAA system needs thorough overhaul – Susan Waller, Rockport, Ma.

Three years ago, I watched a horrifying movie at Gloucester High School which showed fishermen having to throw overboard half, if not more, of everything they caught. They couldn’t even give away their bycatch to the needy — all those fish dead, overboard and doing nobody any good. continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Pull the plug on Cape Wind project – Deke Ulian, Mashpee

sct logoAll of this should ring a bell in New Bedford, where political leaders flocked to the waterfront to announce that Cape Wind would bring hundreds of jobs to the state-renovated pier where it would be staging its project. Even as that $100-milliion-plus taxpayer-funded renovation was being planned, Cape Wind was meeting with Rhode Island officials about a Quonset Point staging area instead. Read the letter

Letter to the Editor: Lobster bill deserves lawmakers’ support – Capt. Arthur “Sooky” Sawyer, Vice president, Massachusetts Lobsterman Association

After reading the story about selling of processed lobster tails and the followup editorial (the Times, March 19, March 21) plus letters to the editor, a few facts need to be emphasized. continue reading

Letter to the Editor – Oil sheiks must celebrate our offshore wind fixation – James H. Bodurtha, Cotuit, Ma.

We have an opportunity to be energy independent in five to seven years, but instead of using our resources to further environmentally safe production of natural gas, coal gasification, solar energy and onshore wind sited in unobtrusive locations, we find our citizens and some legislators being hoodwinked by Cape Wind into supporting the most expensive possible offshore wind boondoggle. continue

Letter to the Editor – Conservative in name alone – Cody Young, Penticton

If you identify as a Conservative that means you’re an environmentalist. The point of the traditional Burkean Conservative philosophy is of social stability, degrading the environment and not managing/regulating common resources that communities depend on undermines social stability. continued bclocalnews.com

Letter to the Editor: Selling lobster tails can spark cheating – Bob Mitchell, R.A. Mitchell Co. Popes Island, New Bedford

I truly enjoy reading Richard Gaines’ coverage of the state of the fisheries. He really knows the subject, and call out the misconceptions people have of the fishing industry. However, continued

Letter to the editor: Standing up for fishermen and our heritage

281499_10150240485916987_81518396986_7740820_7239293_nSome salty sailors out of Gloucester faced an unsavory fate Whose fraternal hearty shipmates lost at sea numbered 5,368. From 1866-1890 2,450 fishermen and 380 schooners were lost Italian, Canadian, West Indian and Portuguese souls ships were tempest-tossed. continue, and thank you Stu.