Today John Bullard, New Leader of NOAA’s Northeast Region, earned respect

I was almost sure, JB was gonna do what fishermen in New England are used to. I just knew he would follow suit. He did not. He gave the netters a reprieve from extinction. Many would not have survived had it not been for Bullard’s common sense move. He is not in lock step with his superiors.

A renegade?

I hope!

Been listening to the council meeting for the past two days. I’ve heard John Bullard say a few times he should’ve thought things through when he took the job. I believe he could be right. I’ve heard plenty in the last couple of days to convince me that we don’t have a fishery failure. We have a fishery management failure compounded with fishery science that is not the best available, but the only science available.

Peter Mullen, a mid-water herring boat owner asked about something I’ve brought up a number of times after reading an article written by Gloucester’s Carmine Gorga, PhD. He brought up the predator/prey issues that apparently, from the answer Mr Mullen received, have not been considered by the scientist trying to figure out fishery issues like cod and yellow tail. The Pew whores and their pixies are convinced herring is forage for cod, but would never consider codling would be forage feed for the superabundant herring.

The relationship is this. The larvae of the bottom fish need to go to the surface of the ocean in order to obtain food – plankton – and light. While they go up, they become a feast for the pelagic. When those larvae that survive become codling, they want to go back to their friends and relatives. While they descend to their native habitat, they become a second feast for the pelagic. a Fish and Future

Between an exploding number of predators, skate, dogfish, seals, and yes, herring, is it any wonder that fish stocks are in trouble, if they are indeed in trouble, while the regulators, pushed by the NOAA socio economic counted interlopers have allowed the ecosystem to become over run in the name of,,,,,,conservation.

If John Bullard has administrators remorse, who could blame him?

You hang in there John. You’re gaining respect. Something very unique when it comes to NOAA. BH


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