Fishing Industry At Risk Of Disappearing In New England – Video

“You base all the management on best available science, now does that mean perfect science, of course not there is no such thing as perfect science,” says John Bullard of NOAA. According to Bullard, the science says there is no cod. As a result they have cut the catch limit for fisherman by 78 percent. Al Cottone says he recently caught his annual quota of five thousand pounds of cod. Not in a month or week, but in just five hours.  [email protected]  00:38

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  1. John Bullard makes the statement, “The cod are gone”. The fishermen are catching their limits in hours not months. How can this be? He implies the fishermen are liars and cheats. I say the only liars and cheats are collecting their paychecks from our taxpayer dollars. These folks would never survive in the real world,
    Mr. Bullard is yet another example of an empty suit bureaucrat fulfilling the agendas of the elite and powerful groups who now are in positions throughout our government who impose their will on the people.

    With their enormous war chests of money they perpetuate this fraud on the unknowing general public to further their agenda which is control. Control over everything, the ocean, the land, the food, water, property, guns, you name it.

    If these people are not stopped our American way of life is gone. Remember folks, elections have consequences. And one more thing. If you like your healthcare coverage and your doctor, you can keep them….period!

  2. Alaska Gal says:

    I listened to a radio program out of Canada this weekend about a fishing village that had disappeared up there, interviewing an old man who had spent his life on the water, telling the story of how the community had been supported by fishing… It was a great piece up until the end. Then a biologist explained that the cod were actually back. But they didn’t dare let the fishermen start up again — implying that they are all greedy bastards and would simply wipe them out as they did before.
    It’s a shame the term “civil servants” has disappeared from the lexicon. Perhaps it’s no longer in use because there aren’t any left.


    We’ve gone from Dumb and Dumber to Dumb and Dumberer. They are so lost in the facts that they’re actually taking credit for the Scallop Industry comeback. They reduced the share Holders but not the Fleet size significantly. Then an independent Survey proves them wrong this comes about to late for the Independent Fleet. We’re basically too late for the Groundfish Fleet via Janie’s Sector Catch share “Hostile Takeover”. Look what they did with the Gulf of Maine with the Offshore Fleet just in time for a Bag Job Survey.

    What the Hell happened to Squashes rebuttal to Bullshits bogus scallop comeback credit grabbing LTE in the GDT.

    Lets not forget that Janie pissed “COREXIT all over the Gulf of Mexico and the surrounding States and there inland Migratory Bird Marshes. Hell you could create an endless list of the Creatures, Vegetation, First Responders and Locals effected. It will be Decades if not Centuries before we see the total FALLOUT of this Catastrophe caused in order to Drill CHEAPLY. BP should be Crucified along with the Fed.s that helped to cover this up.

    Love your Country fear your Government.
    Remember they’re not PAY-OFFS. Lets be P.C. Political Contributions. Oh, P.C. that’s Politically CURUPT!!!

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